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Traditional Residence Halls

Residence halls are supervised by an Area Coordinators, Resident Directors, and Resident Assistants. The standard double rooms come with two beds, two desks, and two chairs. If a room has been assigned to three residents, an extra bed is provided and a desk and chair can be provided upon request.


Rooms are equipped with cable access, and Internet hook-up (one port per resident) and WiFi access. In the case of a room assigned with three residents, an additional Internet hook-up can be requested from the Office of Information Technology. Each residence hall is equipped with shower and bathroom facilities.

All college-assigned furnishings must be kept in the room. No storage facilities are provided. Residents are responsible for cleaning their rooms and the removal of garbage to the provided dumpsters. The bathroom facilities, lounges, and hallways are cleaned by the College.

Housing Condition

Residents check-in with an Professional Staff Member or RA and sign off on the condition of the room on the Room Condition Form. Upon leaving the room, residents check-out to report and record any damage that may have occured over the course of the year. Damage or maintenance needs throughout the semester should be reported to the Residential Life and Education staff assigned to the area.

Resident Policies

Residents follow College housing policies, found in the Student Handbook.

Housing Timeline/Selection

The Housing Lottery Selection process is published early in the spring semester and sent to the residents, it is also posted throughout the school, in campus buildings, and residence halls.

Residence Halls

Traditional Male Halls
Dominic Hall
Hilary Hall
Saint Mary's Hall
Sullivan House

Traditional Female Halls
Alumni Hall ("The Streets")
Baroody Hall
Bertrand Hall
Breck House
Joan of Arc Hall
Raphael House
Rowell House
Von Dy Rowe House

Traditional Co-Ed Halls
Brady Hall
Living Learning Commons

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