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Energy Consumption Reduction Campaign

The Office of Residential Life and Education is collaborating with the Environmental Stewardship Committee to implement initiatives throughout campus residence halls in an effort to reduce our campus' overall environmental impact. These initiatives include an Energy Consumption Reduction Campaign (ECRC), and a Recycling Program in the residence halls.

The recycling program in conjunction with Physical Plant, began in the 2010-2011 academic year in the apartments on campus. In the 2012-2013 academic year, the recycling program was expanded even further and is in all of the residence halls. The single-stream recycling program allows students to participate in the recycling program while making it as simple as possible.

Most recently, the ECRC committee worked with the Student Government Association to spearhead the movement toward water bottle refilling stations across campus. Currently, there are water bottle refilling stations in Cushing, Alumni Hall, Carr Center, and in the Living Learning Commons.

ECRC has sold Tom's Shoes on campus at a discounted price to help promote socially responsible companies. Each person who purchased a pair of shoes also gave a donation. The donations were used to purchase running shoes for a local charity: Girls Inc.

Additionally, every year ECRC celebrates "Earth Day." Most recently we have expanded that to be a week full of programming and events centered on being environmentally friendly. During this week, students were able to participate in a number of different programs to learn about the environment.

Some programs that have been held are:

  • Learning about socially responsible beauty products
  • All Natural Headache Relief
  • Plant Give Away
  • Green Laundry (a way to clean laundry with more environmentally friendly products)
  • Nature Walks

The Office of Residential Life and Education has also designated Resident Assistants on campus to educate residents on how one can reduce their environmental impact through programming. Some RAs also serve as student representatives on the Environmental Stewardship Committee.

Learn more about the Environmental Stewardship Committee.

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