family photo at Family WeekendFamily Weekend is a great time to spend with your family and explore your Anselmian's home away from home.
students registering to voteAs part of the NHIOP's student programming, students can register to vote during Citizenship Week.
members of the student rescue teamStudents interested in learning about emergency medical services can join the rescue club.
students on stage in the musical Into the WoodsThe Anselmian Abbey Players present plays and musicals throughout the academic year.
students doing zumba at the Relay for LifeThe annual Relay for Life event brings the entire campus together. Here, students are doing zumba.
Mock Trial team members preparing for trialMock trial team members prepare for trial.

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Campus Activities

The campus of Saint Anselm College is a vibrant place full of life and teeming with students learning, working, and experiencing life together. As a small, liberal arts college, we pride ourselves on the sense of community and fellowship that develops between students, faculty, and administrators. As the focal point of this community, Saint Anselm's campus is a shared space where students can feel safe and welcome in their journey of discovery.

On campus activities, including student clubs and sports and recreation, form the backbone of the social experience at Saint Anselm. Whether you're interested in supplementing your education in academic clubs, joining an intramural team, or serving the community through Campus Ministry, there are plenty of choices for students seeking to add more to their college experience. Student Activities & Leadership Programs has something for everyone.

Artistic expression and enrichment is also close at hand whether onstage at the Dana Center or on the walls of the Chapel Art Center. And opportunities for cultural exchange abound through events and activities organized by the Multicultural Center.

College is what you make of it and Saint Anselm provides an abundance of choices for those wishing to fill their schedule, explore new areas and interests, or just find something fun to do on the weekends!

Campus Activities

Our campus is 380 acres

We've got plenty of space, inside and out, for you to make the most of your time here on the Hilltop. Into chariot racing? We've got you covered. Have a knack for gingerbread house construction? Good. You'll need that talent in December!

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