Ms. Lyndsay Robinson, President, Student Government Association

On behalf of the students at Saint Anselm College it is my honor and pleasure to stand before you today at this historic event.  This is a significant moment for us students, as we have the rare opportunity to witness the inauguration of a new President; the tenth in the history of the College, AND the first layperson!

Dr. DiSalvo has already proven time and time again that he is here for the students.  He shows genuine pleasure meeting with all students and hearing our stories, opinions, and ideas.  In these first few months we have already witnessed Dr. DiSalvo help move in the Class of 2017, cheer us on at the sidelines of our athletic events, pray with us, and share meals with us. 

We love having Dr. DiSalvo as a part of our everyday lives!  I am also excited and honored for my class to accept our diplomas this May as your first graduating class.  Dr. DiSalvo, we not only welcome you to Saint Anselm College, but we welcome your entire family.  We hope that you have settled in comfortably and that the Hilltop we all love also becomes your home. 

We look forward to continuing to make memories together. 

We are truly fortunate to call you "an Anselmian" and have you as a part of our family.