Ms. Lisa Gowern, Chair, Staff Council

Good afternoon, on behalf of the nearly 500 staff members of Saint Anselm College, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. DiSalvo.  It is an honor for me to be representing the many dedicated and talented people who make up our staff.

Today, Dr. DiSalvo, we pledge our support as you lead Saint Anselm College into the future. This is a very special place for many of us. This is not just a place to work, but really a second home - not just because of the overtime hours!

There are some present who may not know this, but early on in your presidency, you stopped into the dish room at Davison Hall to introduce yourself and to meet the staff.   This small act has endeared you to the staff of the College and demonstrates how well you understand that it takes all of us, working together, to advance the mission of the College and to serve all who come to our beloved hilltop.

Dr. DiSalvo, a warm and genuine welcome to you and your family.