Mr. Kevin Fitzgerald '00, President, Saint Anselm College Alumni Association

Good afternoon, on behalf of our 20,000 Alumni across the world, I want to warmly welcome Dr. DiSalvo and his family, as well as our honored guests, to Saint Anselm College.

I know I speak for the entire Alumni Council, when I say we greatly look forward to his tenure, and to working closely with him to move the College forward. I have had the privilege to spend some time with Dr. DiSalvo and am impressed by his leadership, his vision for a Catholic liberal arts education and perhaps most importantly, his expectations for the future.

It has not taken him long to recognize that our Alumni are an integral part of this great institution. We are many things:  fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, doctors, nurses, teachers, policeman and so on.

The one thing we have in common however is that we are always Anselmians. Together here on this campus, it is one universal trait we can all celebrate. From our students who are enjoying their first month and a half on campus, to our Golden Anselmians who have been associated with this College for more than 50 years. Each of us in our own way, as Anselmians, has added to the collective rich history and indelible character that make the College what it is today, while undoubtedly helping to make days such as this, so very special.

It gives me great comfort to know that Dr. DiSalvo and his family will experience the support we provide each other as members of the Saint Anselm College community. We were sadly reminded of just that this week, with the unexpected passing of one of our youngest Alumni from the class of 2012. Witnessing the outpouring of support shown to his family from the College community, I was again reminded that the impact we have on each other is often stronger than we will ever know.

I am confident that Dr. DiSalvo shares in this quality, and I know our Alumni will continue to support the college's mission, as well as his tenure in the years ahead.

Welcome again and we wish you the very best in the many years to come.

Thank you.