Gracious and Loving God,
our encounters with You teach us
who we are, who we might be and what we might create. 
Throughout these past 124 years of Anselmian education you have blessed our community
with faithful leaders, gifted faculty, talented students and dedicated staff. 
We acknowledge all that has come before us with gratitude, for it brings us to this great day. 
We honor in a special way the Benedictine community of Saint Anselm Abbey
who shepherd and guide this fine institution, and continue to be an integral, life-giving presence.

We thank you for our rich heritage, for the gift of faith,
and for your loving guidance in the pursuit of true knowledge. 
We gather with a deep sense of gratitude
for this special moment in our history, to celebrate the Inauguration of Dr. Steven DiSalvo, tenth President of Saint Anselm College. 

Loving God, nourish his spirit and help him grow as faithful steward of our unique mission
Grounded in the timeless principles of Catholic Higher Education,
Committed to cultivating and caring for the young men and women of Saint Anselm College,
And dedicated to service of the common good through study, research, and community engagement

May he find in us wise and trustworthy counsel for his decisions, 
passionate and generous collaboration in his work,
and faithful companionship on his leadership journey.

Lord we humbly ask for your blessing
on the Benedictine community and Anselmian family gathered here today.  Be present with us always, dwell within our hearts, enlighten our understanding, and lead us forward in the faith, hope, and love that brings us to you.