Governor Maggie Hassan

Good afternoon.

Thank you Dr. Bouchard for the introduction, and thank you to the Saint Anselm community for inviting me to share this special day with you.

I am honored to join you - members of the board of trustees, faculty and staff, students and alumni, President Emeritus DeFelice, Bishop Libasci, delegates from other institutions of higher education, other distinguished guests and members of the community - for the inauguration of Dr. Steven DiSalvo as Saint Anselm's tenth president.

As we work to build the foundation for the innovation economy of the 21st century that will create good jobs and lift all our people, Saint Anselm's mission to prepare students for a lifetime of learning and engagement in the community is more important than ever.

With his track record of success in higher education, I have no doubt that President DiSalvo will continue to carry on the very best traditions of leadership at Saint Anselm - a dedication to creating excitement around learning, a commitment to caring about his students and the conviction to help our young people create a better tomorrow... just as his predecessor, Rev. DeFelice, did.

Thank you, Rev. DeFelice, for your leadership, and everything you have done for Saint Anselm, our communities and our State.

And President DiSalvo, welcome. We are so glad to have you, Eileen and your sons in the Granite State.

I know you will find that New Hampshire's natural beauty, our vibrant civic society and community engagement, our rugged individualism, and our commitment to collective problem solving are just a few of the special characteristics that make our State as strong as Granite.

We consider Saint Anselm to be an integral asset and an invaluable resource for City of Manchester and the entire State of New Hampshire.

Saint Anselm's mission to provide a distinctive liberal arts education that incorporates professional and career preparation is critical to a well-rounded education that will allow students to develop the creative and critical thinking necessary for success in the innovation economy.

And we take great pride in New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library at Saint Anselm College, which helps maintain our First in the Nation status and serves as the country's classroom during presidential elections.

The NHIOP helps ensure that your students' understand that New Hampshire's unique citizen democracy - exemplifying the principle of self-government that our country was founded upon - requires an engaged citizenry.

And we need that engaged citizenry to include young people from all walks of life who understand that our success - in our personal lives as well as economically - depends on our willingness to engage with each other as equals and to solve problems together. We need Saint Anselm and its graduates to continue to be engaged in our shared future.

President DiSalvo, I know that your belief in the transformational power of education and commitment to access and diversity in higher education will serve Saint Anselm's student body well and help the institution continue its invaluable contributions to our communities.

I am confident that your inauguration is the beginning of another bright chapter at Saint Anselm. Congratulations to the entire Saint Anselm community and congratulations President DiSalvo.

I look forward to working together with you to build a stronger, more innovative New Hampshire.

Thank you.