Bishop Peter Libasci, Bishop of Manchester

President DiSalvo, distinguished members of the platform, ladies and gentlemen.

It gives me great pleasure, as the Bishop of Manchester, to greet the new President of Saint Anselm College and to offer the salutations and prayers of the clergy and faithful of the diocese for him and the college on this historic event.

Historical record demonstrates that Dr. DiSalvo and I both stand as the tenth in the line of succession of those entrusted with the care of God's people here within the boundaries of the State of New Hampshire.

I, as the tenth Bishop of Manchester, welcome you now, Dr. DiSalvo, as the tenth President of Saint Anselm's College.

We have both been called to continue and build upon the work that was begun by those who preceded us.

Indeed, more than a century ago, Bishop Bradley, of holy memory, the first Bishop of Manchester, was entrusted with the care of souls throughout the entire State of New Hampshire.

At the very outset, he called upon the monks of the Order of Saint Benedict, themselves a sign of stability in the midst of history, to assist in this work.

For more than a century the relationship between the Bishop of Manchester and Saint Anselm's Abbey and its College has demonstrated a shared vision of and respect for the very best in a long tradition of intellectual pursuit of truth grounded in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith.

Today I welcome and applaud the installation of the new President of Saint Anselm's College.

This moment in history - today - gives testimony to the ageless value of what was begun so long ago.

Likewise, it reinforces by our standing together this day, the continued bond uniting the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester the Monks of Saint Anselm's Abbey and the Mission of Saint Anselm's College, a bond that is held in eternity by Him who is the Lord of History and the Master of Time and who gave to humanity the One who would teach by the word of truth and the example of charity, indeed, His Son Who is Christ the Lord.

Welcome, welcome, Doctor DiSalvo!