Novena Marking the Inauguration of Dr. Steven DiSalvo

Candles in the Abbey ChurchA novena is a formalized vocal prayer extended over nine days. The word "novena" actually comes from the Latin for "nine."  The nine-day period of prayer has its origin in the Book of Acts. After Jesus' Ascension into heaven, the Apostles, the Blessed Virgin, and some of Christ's other followers all "joined in continuous prayer" (Acts 1:14) for nine days, until the dramatic coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

A novena is a vocal prayer, or series of vocal prayers, that you commit to praying. These prayers are usually linked to a specific devotion or liturgical celebration. They are also very often linked to a specific intention that we are praying for (for Saint Anselm College the transition to a new President) - you can offer a novena as a way to petition God for a special grace, like the healing of a sick person or the conversion of someone who is far away from God. The words of the novena will reflect all of these factors.

It's important to remember, however, that novenas are not magic formulas. They are prayers. They are one way we can enter into conversation with God. They provide us a means of "doing our part", so to speak, in response to a communal need and they help us stay in synch with our spiritual family. 

We thought a novena to be a particularly special way for the Saint Anselm Community to prepare for and celebrate the Inauguration of our tenth President, Dr. Steven DiSalvo. Together, whether near or far, the Saint Anselm family can be in prayer for these nine days. The Novena will begin on Wednesday, October 9 and conclude on Thursday, October 17, we will then gather (here on campus or via live feed) on October 18 for the Inaugural Mass. 

Please join us!