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Students Practice Job Interviews With Real Employers

March 25, 2015

Laurie Morrissey
Communications and Marketing
(603) 656-6047

Mock InterviewsMore than 30 students spent a half hour doing something that could lead to a post-graduation job or internship--or maybe even a career. They took advantage of the opportunity to practice interviewing with a potential employer, as part of a mock interview program offered by the Office of Career Services.

The interview sessions were held Tuesday, March 24, in the Cushing Student Center. It was the fourth time the event has been offered, according to Sarah Mockler, associate director for employee relations, and it is always popular.

"Well-known companies participate," she says, listing Fidelity Investments, Catholic Medical Center, Bowdoin Group, Meditech, BAE Systems, and Navigate Fund Solutions (Subsidiary of Eaton Vance). "We always have Saint Anselm alumni who work at those companies and volunteer to do the interviews. It provides valuable professional connections for students, as well as a chance to strengthen their interview skills."

Each student had a 20-minute interview with a representative of a business they would like to work in.  They received specific feedback from their interviewers on their answers and the way they presented themselves.

Matthew Lesaffre, a senior natural science major, interviewed with Ann Curran, a graduate of the Class of 2001, who is a supervisor of recruiting at Meditech.

"She gave me tons of constructive criticism, and helped me see things in my interview that I never would have noticed, both positive and negative," he said. Curran told him that the three words he chose to describe himself were good because they all applied to different areas, but that he should not interrupt himself to improve on an answer he was giving.

Lesaffre left with the business card of a fellow Anselmian and, possibly, future employer.

Curran says she is always happy to come back to Saint A's and meet students and help them out-and the Office of Career Services appreciates having alumni participate.

Sam Allen, director of the Office of Career Services, notes that several alumni participate in not only mock interviews with our students, but also career panels and classroom presentations.

Photo: Left to Right, Sean Walker '92 (Bowdoin Group), Ann Curran '01 (Meditech), Jaci Stone '00 BAE Systems), Dan Puopolo '98 (Navigate Fund Solutions)

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