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Three Students Win at New England Debate Championships

February 24, 2014

Laurie Morrissey
Communications and Marketing
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2014 New England Regional Champions Katie Muzzy '15, Kevin Lacourse '15, Tyler Maffei '17.Juniors Katie Muzzy and Kevin Lacourse and freshman Tyler Maffei received awards in the Saint Anselm College debate team's competition at the New England Regional Championships on February 8 at Suffolk University. Lacourse finished in first place, while Muzzy finished second place, and Maffei took a third.

This is the sixth year out of the last nine that the College, coached by David Trumble, has won the debate division competing against schools such as Suffolk University, Emerson College, and Bridgewater State University.

The topic of the debate was elementary and secondary education reform. Each debater then picked a smaller focus area within these categories.

The tournament consisted of four debate rounds. Each round required one judge, typically a former debater or coach, to evaluate the skills and performances of the debaters. One debater was required to provide their case promoting an opinion, and the other debater then presented arguments to refute it.

American studies major Katie Muzzy debated a case regarding correctional education as well as one focusing on an increase in education funding.

"I was excited to be able to practice my speaking skills. At some of the other tournaments that we travel to, the speed one can talk is most important in order to have a competitive edge over their opponent," explained Muzzy. "In our region, the judges tend to prefer a slower debate, where the debaters are persuasive and engaging. Our team is clearly pretty good at these types of tournaments."

Saint Anselm College's debaters also performed well Feb. 22-23 in a tournament at Emerson College. Lacourse reached the final round, placing second overall. Muzzy was a second place speaker.

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