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Psychology Students Attend Eastern Conference

April 11, 2014

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Vivian Fitzgerald '14Five Saint Anselm students and three professors attended the 85th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association. Professors, students, and professional psychologists met to present and discuss their research in the field of psychology.

"It is always great to expose psychology students to a conference," said Loretta Brady, associate professor. "It is a culmination of their studies and a time for the students to adapt what they have studied into a real-world setting."

Stephanie Kearsley '14 presented a poster depicting the guilt and pride associated with littering on campus, and how the manipulation of these two emotions could have a positive impact on the amount of trash. Marie Schwab '14 and professors Kathleen Flannery and Adam Wenzel displayed research on the effect of fluorescent lights on academic performance.

Vivian Fitzgerald '14 (pictured, right) explored the different non-verbal communication styles of athlete and non-athlete women. Her poster was ranked eighth place out of 100 presented in a research contest at the conference.

Kasey Elaine Mammola '14 studied the people's food choices based on advertising, and Alicia Argero Triantos '14 utilized the MyFitnessPal mobile app to examine the influence of nutritional awareness on food choices.

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