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Portraits is the Magazine of Saint Anselm CollegePortraits is the Magazine of Saint Anselm College
Portraits, Fall 2011Portraits, Fall 2011
Portraits, Summer 2011Portraits, Summer 2011
Portraits, Spring 2011Portraits, Spring 2011
Portraits, Fall 2010Portraits, Fall 2010

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Portraits, Fall 2016

Fall 2016

COVER STORY: For God and Country
By Chip Underhill

The New Conversation on Campus
By Dr. Gary Bouchard

Portraits, Spring 2016

Spring 2016

COVER STORY: Great Debates: Saint Anselm Hosts Presidential Politics
By Chip Underhill

It's Personal: Doing Things Well Is a Matter of Pride for These Anselmians
By Dr. Gary Bouchard

Portraits, Fall 2015

Fall 2015

COVER STORY: A Celebration of Giving: Highlights of the 2014-2015 Philanthropy Report

From the President: A College Update

Portraits, Spring 2015

Spring 2015

COVER STORY: Climbing the Hill: Women in Saint Anselm History
By Keith P. Chevalier

Tending the Garden: Saint Anselm's Agricultural Past
by Keith P. Chevalier

Down to the Very Marrow: Alumni Save Lives with Transplants
By Laurie D. Morrissey

Wisdom and Warmth: 376 Years' Worth
By Dr. Gary Bouchard

Portraits, Winter 2015

Winter 2015

COVER STORY: Ever Dear Anselmia: Early College Life
By Keith P. Chevalier

Coming Home: Alumnus Sends 100-Year-Old Catalogue Back to Hilltop
By Laurie D. Morrissey

Hard-wired for Success: Robert K. Weiler '73, HD '00
By Laurie D. Morrissey

Art "For God's Sake": The Paintings of Fr. Raphael
By RhondaLeigh Dauphinais '10

Portraits, Fall 2014

Fall 2014

COVER STORY: Founding the College Upon a Hill
By Keith P. Chevalier

125 Years on the Hilltop
By Laurie D. Morrissey

Living History
By Laurie D. Morrissey

Interview with Boston Globe CEO Michael Sheehan '82
By Gabriella Servello '14

 Portraits, Spring 2014

Spring 2014

COVER STORY: Preparing for Disaster
(Predictable and Otherwise):
Ashley Conley '06
By Allen Lessels

A Cup of Kindness (Eassay)
By Matthew Prunk '16

Reading Love
By Ann Norton (and fellow English professors)

Portraits, Fall 2013

Fall 2013

COVER STORY: Faith In The Future, Dr. Steven R. DiSalvo
By Laurie D. Morrissey

Happy Birthday, Will: An Anselmian Tradition Turns 25

Anselmian Ambition: Lyndsay Robinson '14
By Brandon Gee

Hope for Morro Bay (and Your Fish Dinner)
By Tina Cormier '01

On the cover: Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D., president of Saint Anselm College, in presidential regalia and chain of office.

Portraits, Spring 2013

Spring 2013

COVER STORY: Anselmian Leadership. The Presidency of Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B. '69
By Gary Bouchard

A Planter of Seeds: David Dumaresq '94
By Laurie D. Morrissey

The Peace Corps Connection
By Laurie D. Morrissey

Time Out: An Athletic Legend Retires
By Allen Lessels

Kevin Fitzgerald '00, Committed Anselmian
An Interview with the president of the Alumni Association

Portraits, Fall 2012

Fall 2012

COVER STORY: Abbatial Ritual: Electing and Blessing the Fifth Abbot
By Barbara LeBlanc

Vino Colorado: Jay Christianson '05 Cultivates Award Winning Wines
By Laurie D. Morrissey

Brain Teasers: Students Get Real in Virtual Environments
By Laurie D. Morrissey

Preserving the Legacy of a Courageous Alumnus: Barney Barnum Jr. '62
By Keith Chevalier

Portraits, spring 2012

Spring 2012

COVER STORY: Anselmian to the Core
By Barbara LeBlanc

What's for Dinner?
An interview with the Director of Dining Services

Primary Access: Working the Primary Debates
By Lauren Clark '14

At the Top of 30 Rock
David Pietrycha '01 
By Laurie D. Morrissey

The Winning Ways of the Zappen Twins
By Allen Lessels

Winter 2011 Cover

Fall 2011

COVER STORY: The Right to Decent Health
Mark LaForce '60
By Laurie D. Morrissey

Ready for Anything
An interview with the director of College Health Services

Cultivating Questions

Inspired Art
By Barbara LeBlanc

A Crash Course in World Affairs
By Jennifer McCann '05

Bob Collins Supplement

Robert J. Collins '37 (A special Portraits supplement)

From the President
Fr. Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B.

Earlier this fall, Saint Anselm College lost a most beloved and accomplished man in Robert "Bob" Collins, alumnus, faculty member, executive team memeber, trustee and honorary degree recipient '80, as well as a dear friend of the Abbey.

A member of the class of 1937, Bob Collins was the first lay vice president at Saint Anselm. During his long career at the College he served as instructor in the English Department, director of public relations, vice president of college advancement, and Executive Vice President. His service to Saint Anselm, however, went far beyond what could be described in his impressive CV. In fact, so deeply was he identified with the College and its mission that he was known affectionately as "Mr. Saint Anselm"

Summer 2011 Cover

Summer 2011

COVER STORY: Abbas IV (The Fourth Abbot)
By Anne Broderick Botteri '82

Academic Excellence: A Windshield View
By Gary Bouchard

Art Appreciation: Professor Katherine Hoffman
By Laurie D. Morrissey

Difference and Unity
An interview with the director of the Multicultural Center

Mind the Gap: or, How I spent my Eight Years of College
By Amanda Peters '11

Spring 2011 Cover

Spring 2011

COVER STORY: Tracey Bardorf '95
At the Heart of I.C.E.
By Barbara LeBlanc

Culturally Relevant Mathematics
By Philip Stevens '99

Northern Exposure
By Anne Broderick Botteri '82

Unlocking Nature's Secrets
By Barbara LeBlanc

Keeping the Hawks Strong
An interview with the Athletic Director

Eat - Pray - Move:
Diplomat Lilly Wahl-Tuco '99
By Laurie D. Morrissey

Fall 2010 Cover

Fall 2010

COVER STORY: Matthew Szulik '78
The Kid from New Bedford (who rattled Microsoft)
By Gary Bouchard

"I Tried."
A mother's words shape a nurse's career
By Stephanie Iannalfo '10

War and Peace: A General's Tale
By Paul J. Pronovost '91

The Art and Science of Fundraising
Q&A with Jim Flanagan

Commencement 2010

Going Global
Biology, Sociology, and Theology go South

From Stone Mountain to the Hilltop
By Ken Johnson

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