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Abbey Players Present Annual One-Act Play Festival

January 29, 2013

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Abbey Players practice for 2012's One-Act Play Festival, this year's festival is Feb. 7-9.Saint Anselm College's student theatre group, the Anselmian Abbey Players will present the annual One-Act Play Festival February 7- 9 at the Dana Center.

The festival features three one-act experimental plays directed by students including "Here She Is!" by Joyce Carol Oates, "WASP" by acclaimed comedian Steve Martin, and "November" written and directed by Saint Anselm senior Matthew Hurd.

"November" is a story of a young man, Terry, who after a mission trip to Africa, is diagnosed with HIV and struggles in dealing with his new life. Hurd, a communication major, wrote the drama in grappling with difficult questions.

"If people are good, why do bad things happen to them? If there is a God, and He loves us, as we're told He does, then why do we suffer?" says Hurd.

The production has more than 50 students involved as actors (29), directors, board of directors, members, producer, stage managers, ushers, ticket takers and tech crew.

"In addition to learning considerable theatrical skills, the life skills of group leadership, time management, and careful planning are all important results of directing a one-act play. Successful one-act directors often direct Shakespeare scenes and the yearly Family Weekend Show, so the entire organization benefits" says Abbey Player director, Landis Magnuson.

Rehearsal Photos

The Anselmian Abbey Players perform plays and musicals throughout the year, offering students an opportunity to participate in and to learn all phases of theatre production.

Tickets for the One-Act Play Festival are $8 for adults, $7 for seniors, children, and N.H. college students. For additional information see the Dana Center website.

Read more about the Abbey Player's One-Act Plays in the spring 2012 issue of Portraits.

Photo: English major, Jack Holder of the class of 2012, helped write one of the plays from last year's performances.

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