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Notre Dame Representative Discusses Master's Program Partnership

November 13, 2012

Laurie Morrissey
Communications and Marketing
(603) 656-6047

Former CEO of Better World Books, David Murphy spoke to students about social entrepreneurship and Saint Anselm College's partnership with the University of Notre Dame that allows science graduates to enroll in an entrepreneurship master's program at Notre Dame.

David MurphyLots of Saint Anselm students hope to have a solid career and a good income while also benefiting their community-but are not sure they will be able to find a way to do it. Recently, about two dozen students heard a well-known social entrepreneur explain how it's done.

Professor David Guerra (physics) invited Murphy to speak about this social entrepreneurship venture in particular and social entrepreneurship in general. Murphy also explained the partnership that allows Saint Anselm science graduates to enroll in a unique one-year program: the Engineering, Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Master's Program (ESTEEM). At least one recent Saint Anselm graduate has already completed the program and received several job offers. 

ESTEEM is a professional master's program started at University of Notre Dame four years ago. The focus is on how to craft a market-oriented, business model that matches science and technology innovation with business know-how, while having a positive social impact.

"Students work with senior faculty at Notre Dame and take an idea from the bench to the market. It's like a mini-MBA for people with bachelor's degrees in science," explained Murphy, who directs ESTEEM and has co-founded several technology startups and social entrepreneurship ventures. Better World Books was an ESTEEM based startup project that collects used books and sells them online, benefiting literary charities and non-profits around the world.  It is a successful triple-bottom-line company: one with positive social and environmental impact as well as financial profit.

Professor Guerra encourages students who are interested in ESTEEM to contact him: or visit the ESTEEM website:

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