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International Relations Major Speaks About Debt Crisis at DC Conference

July 27, 2011

by Laurie Morrissey

Marissa Serafino '12, president of the college's Student Government Association, spent a lot of time this past summer looking at the ceiling: the "debt ceiling." Troubled about the Congressional gridlock preventing an agreement on raising the nation's debt ceiling, she stepped up to the microphone and had her say.

On Thursday, July 21 the Saint Anselm senior was one of nine students who spoke at a nationally televised press conference in Washington, D.C. The group represented a student coalition called "Do We Have a Deal Yet?" The coalition had sent Congress a letter urging representatives to put aside partisan posturing and find a solution to the nation's debt crisis. The 118 student leaders who signed the letter represented 1 million college students.

Serafino and the other speakers felt that failure to resolve the issue would be disastrous for young people facing an uncertain future and a tenuous job market. She says her goal was "to get the president and Congress to work together to come up with a bold, balanced, bipartisan plan that's going to increase economic growth in the long term."

Serafino majors in international relations and plays on the Saint Anselm College women's ice hockey team.

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