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Loretta Brady Awarded Fulbright Scholar Grant in Cyprus

December 12, 2012

Laura Lemire
Communications and Marketing
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Saint Anselm College associate professor of psychology, Dr. Loretta Brady, of Manchester, N.H., was awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant in Cyprus from January to June 2013.Saint Anselm College associate professor of psychology, Dr. Loretta Brady was awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant in Cyprus from January to June 2013. Dr. Brady will teach, deliver lectures and conduct research on trauma informed substance abuse at the University of Nicosia, a local therapeutic center, and throughout the country including the occupied area of northern Cyprus*.

She applied for Cyprus' Fulbright grant because the country called for scholars in domestic violence and substance abuse.

In Cyprus, psychology is a relatively young discipline and is handled differently than in the U.S., so the opportunity allows Dr. Brady to offer her expertise and also observe the current system. In researching the country, she also found it had a sound infrastructure and would be a suitable location for her husband and family to live for five months.

Brady, a licensed clinical psychologist, is interested in substance abuse and mental health integration. In the United States, the two systems are separated; however in Cyprus, there is one system.

"My goal for the project is to learn from a system of treatment that is more unified than ours and to evaluate the degree to which the system has applied knowledge about trauma-informed care to its services."

A former pain psychologist at Elliot Hospital in Manchester, N.H., Brady's clinical efforts have served returning veterans, chronically ill patients, professional teams, families in crisis, and patients with trauma and addiction. She has additional certifications in leadership coaching, addiction treatment, infant mental health, and conflict mediation. She completed her post-doctoral fellowship and consulted with Families in Transition where she helped design and implement trauma informed and family strengthening service systems.

Brady will travel to Cyprus with her husband, Brian (Director of Business Development, Dyn Inc.) and five children, living in a village in southern Cyprus close to the capital and university.

She is one of approximately 1,100 U.S. faculty and professionals who will travel abroad through the Fulbright Scholar Program in 2012-2013. The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.

* Cyprus is divided into southern and northern regions. The north, an occupied region, is only recognized by Turkey.

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