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Five facutly were offered tenure in December, 2013Five members of the college faculty were offered tenure for 2013-2014.

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Five Faculty Granted Tenure

December 18, 2013

Laura Lemire
Communications and Marketing
(603) 641-7240

Dr. Steven DiSalvo, college president, and the Academic Affairs Committee of the college's Board of Trustees are pleased to announce that five full-time faculty members have been granted tenure: Professors Kelly Lalonde, Antonia Nelson, Sara Smits Keeney, Jennifer Thorn, and Adam Wenzel.

“I am thrilled with the decision to grant tenure to all five candidates,” said Dr. DiSalvo.

“All five were approved unanimously among all bodies which is a testament to their work, their contributions to the college, and the students they serve,” said Dr. DiSalvo.

Saint Anselm faculty are granted tenure after teaching at Saint Anselm full-time for seven years.*

To earn tenure, a faculty member must meet certain criteria set by the college and found in the Faculty Handbook. In addition to possessing a terminal degree appropriate to their area of study, they must perform their duties with both diligence and distinction. They must contribute to the life of the college, whether it’s as an advisor to a student club or as a member of a committee. They need to contribute significantly to their academic discipline with publications, presentations, and demonstrated advanced learning. Lastly, the quality of the faculty member’s teaching and their relationship with Saint Anselm students is also an important factor.

Meet the faculty

Professor Kelly Lalonde Kelly Lalonde
Assistant Professor
Economics & Business »

Professor Lalonde has been teaching courses in accounting at the undergraduate level since 2000. In addition to her teaching experience, she has more than 15 years of professional experience in various areas of business.
Professor Antonia Nelson Antonia Nelson
Associate Professor
Nursing »

"I believe that it is a true privilege to have the opportunity to work with Saint Anselm students as they enter the nursing profession," says Professo Nelson. She has professional experience in medical surgical nursing, neonatal nursing, and postpartum/newborn nursing. Her research interests are in nursing theory, maternal-newborn issues and breastfeeding.
Professor Sara Smits Keeney Sara Smits Keeney
Assistant Professor
Sociology »

Professor Smits Keeney teaches courses in research methods, social problems, social movements, social stratification, economy and society, and peace, conflict and war.
Professor Jennifer Thorn Jennifer Thorn
Associate Professor
English »

Professor Thorn works in the area of transatlantic eighteenth century studies, with special interest in race, reproduction, and time. She joined the English Department at Saint Anselm College in 2009, after teaching at Colby College and Duke University.
Professor Adam Wenzel Adam Wenzel
Assistant Professor
Psychology »

Dr. Wenzel's research, broadly defined, involves the use of psychophysical methods to investigate the function, sensitivity and health of the sensory systems.

The Rank and Tenure Committee is established each fall and includes the Dean of the College, two faculty members appointed by the college president, and five tenured members of the Faculty Senate. Members of the college community are invited to send letters to the committee regarding the candidates. This year's tenure committee included committee chair and professor Derk Wierda, interim Dean Mark Cronin, and Professors David Guerra, Max Latona, Jennifer Lucas, Philip Pajakowski, Beth Salerno, and Kelly Spoerl.

The committee evaluates candidates and forwards its recommendations to the college president who then makes his recommendations to the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees. Currently, 92 of the college's 146 faculty members are tenured.

*or if they have previously taught at a four-year, accredited institution for at least three years and have taught at Saint Anselm full-time for an additional four years.

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