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College Launches Ethics in Governance Forum

October 15, 2013

Laurie Morrissey
Communications and Marketing
(603) 641-7240

Saint Anselm College launches the Ethics in Governance: Stewardship and Investor Education Forum this fall and announced the members of its founding advisory board.

Building upon the college's Richard L. Bready Chair in Ethics, Economics, and the Common Good, the forum aims to educate and inform New Hampshire business leaders, students, and the general public in the areas of ethical practices, investor education, and personal finance. Resources include a blog, daily investor education emails, and free public seminars and lectures.

The forum encompasses both ethics in governance and investor education programming. Dale Kuehne, politics professor and former Richard L. Bready Chair in Ethics, Economics, and the Common Good, leads the Ethics in Governance program. John Romps, professor of economics and business, covers finance topics aimed at improving financial literacy for students and the greater community. 

The founding five-member board that will provide program consultation and guide program structure is chaired by Paul Montrone, of Perspecta Trust. Members include Gray Chynoweth of Dyn, Rich Sigel of McLane GPS, and New Hampshire state senators Sharon Carson and Donna Soucy.

"The Ethics in Governance: Stewardship and Investor Education Initiative serves to inspire and promote a culture of excellence in ethical practices, investor education and financial literacy among those doing business in the state of New Hampshire," says chairman Montrone. "It is my strong belief that the goals of this initiative are at the core of a successful business community, and I am proud to chair the advisory board made up of prominent New Hampshire leaders who will positively reinforce this mission."

Professors Kuehne and Romps contribute posts to the Ethics in Governance blog.

The first seminar event hosted by the Ethics in Governance program is scheduled for Nov. 12, with International Monetary Fund economist Paul Mills.

Jack Falvey, Wall Street Journal and Barron's contributor and adjunct faculty member at the University of Massachusetts Boston and the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, authors the daily Investor Education Briefs, covering a variety of investor education topics. The briefs are delivered free of charge via email to individuals who sign up each business day.

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