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Education Expert Discusses Spinners Fad in "USA Today On-Line" Magazine

June 06, 2017

USA Today On-Line
June 6, 2017
By Kathy Flanigan, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Chip Underhill
Communications and Marketing
(603) 641-7326 (Desk)

You knew this would happen: Those fidget spinners trending with kids are now popular with adults, too

Kids made fidget spinners wildly popular.

Now, adults are keeping them that way.The spinners, hand-sized toys balanced with ceramic ball bearings weighted in the center and three rings on the outside, stay in motion between one's fingertips with little effort. The toys sell for $7 to $20. (The article continues in part)

Aubrey Scheopner Torres, assistant professor of education at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, looks at fidget spinners from the perspective of an educator - and a spouse. Her husband owns three.

The fidget spinner helps him focus, Scheopner Torres said. He explains his ADHD as "having five TVs on at one time." The spinner "drowns out four of the TVs."You can have a stress ball in the office, she said. But with fidget spinners, "you can literally put (them) in a pocket and take anywhere you go," she said.

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