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Fine Arts and Res Life Co-Sponsor Sculpture Exhibition

October 13, 2015

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Sculptor Ed Smith's small unique bronzes, 2014, 6 inches tallAn exhibition featuring world-renowned sculptor Ed Smith opens in the Living Learning Commons (LLC) galleries with a reception on Thursday, Oct. 15, 4 -6 p.m. The exhibition, co-sponsored by the Fine Arts and Residence Life Departments, is available until December 21, 2015.

"An Exhibition of Bronze Sculptures by Ed Smith," will include more than 60 bronze sculptures as well as numerous intaglio printmaking examples. Smith's art is known for his use of mythic and heroic features of man.

Smith is a Guggenheim recipient, an associate in the Royal British Society of Sculptors, gallery director and professor at Marist College, and director of the Venice Biennale Program at Marist. He has served as a visiting artist, critic and guest speaker at the college in the past. His pieces can be seen in collections all over the United States as well as abroad. Smith's work has been featured in the "New York Times," "Sculpture Magazine," and many others. He has also won numerous awards including a Fulbright award.

"Ed Smith's work, which centers around mythic stories of god and mortals, is born out of a tradition in art that seeks to deal with difficult timeless subjects. Though these works are not monumental in scale - they are monumental in nature and presence," says fine arts professor Kimberly Kersey-Asbury.

"His works touch upon a range of issues that include the struggle of the individual, of war, terror, Homeric ideals, heroism, the indigent, the loss of beauty and search for meaning. But despite the failures of mankind the human spirit, man is made for great things - kleos aphthiton," she says.

This event is co-sponsored by the college's Fine Arts and Residential Life departments. The exhibition will be located on the first, second and third floor galleries in the LLC. Smith will also be offering a workshop to the college community and working with senior fine arts majors on their thesis through senior critiques.

This event and exhibition are free and open to the public. The LLC galleries are open to the public seven days a week, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The LLC galleries serve as an educational resource for students as well as a cultural asset to the college and community. The mission of the galleries is to promote art appreciation and artistic practice through exhibitions, workshops and collaboration.

Artist Statement
An important memory that remains from childhood is playing with my cast toy soldiers, lying on the floor recreating battles, moving and shifting the figures...

I've always made small works along with larger sculptures. It is important that I have that breadth of scale, measurement and concept. The joy of holding them in hand, drawing from them and exploring them is real. They hold a key to my thoughts with a sense of wonder and intimacy.

They are more than sketches or studies. They are my alphabet and image bank. They are fragments and indispensable notes.

It just might be that these diminutive characters might be the essential works, unabashed and without any amendment.
- Ed Smith 2015

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