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Saint Anselm College Day of GivingYour gift will make a difference!

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1,052 Anselmians Participate in Second Annual Day of Giving

April 14, 2016

Michelle O'Regan
Communications and Marketing
(603) 641-7242

On April 13, Saint Anselm College held the second annual Anselmian Day of Giving and brought in 1,052 gifts totaling $280,227.64 in just 24 hours. Thank you Anselmians.

While we're still tabulating some of the offline gifts we received, the college is pleased to report such an incredible success.

The annual fundraising event, which was held for the first time on June 17, 2015, encouraged the entire community (alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents, and friends) to participate by giving for their favorite "Anselmian Moments" and memories of academic, athletic, and residential life. Gifts of any amount made to the college counted, and the goal was to bring together 800 supporters in a single day. Before the Day of Giving began, an anonymous donor pledged a $25,000 matching gift if we reached our goal – a challenge that was met and then exceeded by the evening.

For the Day of Giving, the size of the gift did not matter; what mattered was how many Anselmians participated. Foundations, grant-giving institutions, and ranking publications like "U.S. News and World Report" measure Saint Anselm based on participation – the number of participants, rather than individual or total gift amounts. This directly impacts the work of all the college's departments, including admission for national rankings and the applicants we attract, finance for credit-worthiness, bond ratings, and qualifications for grants, athletics for ability to recruit top athletes, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics (NHIOP) for broad national reach, and most of all, STUDENTS, as most of the gifts go directly toward programs that support students.

Participation from the entire Saint Anselm community was vital to the success of the Day of Giving. Hundreds of volunteers including many alumni, staff, faculty, monks, parents, and students made phone calls, sent emails, shared photos, and spread the word through social media. This year, Dining Services contributed cookies, and Office of College Advancement staff manned contribution tables at the Coffee Shop and Davison Hall at lunch and dinner. Gifts from alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty, and staff came in from all over campus and across the world in denominations ranging from $1 to $25,000. The busiest hour of the day was between 7 and 8 p.m., with 20 gifts coming in just 15 minutes between 7:45 and 8 p.m.

Abbott Matthew with students on Anselmian Day of GivingThe community was encouraged to share information through social media using the hashtag #AnselmianDayOfGiving. Throughout the day, participants dedicated their gifts online to their favorite Anselmian moments and memories, including Anselmian Fun, Top 10 Dining, The Next Generation of Hawks, Inspiring Students, Meeting Every Presidential Candidate, Living Learning Communities, The Multicultural Center, My Second Home, and Future Anselmians, amongst many others.

In total, 1,052 members of the community donated. Of those, 725 were alumni, 110 were faculty and staff, and 66 were current students. All 28 members of the monastic community, as well as parents and friends of the college, also participated.

Throughout the day, donors were encouraged to give in denominations in honor of special Anselmian moments: $12.80 in honor of the 128 students who participated in SBA this year; $28 in honor of the 28 Benedictine monks in our monastic community; $50 in honor of the more than 50 partnerships that the Meelia Center fosters with community organizations; $98 in honor of the 98% of students who rely on financial aid; $130 in honor of the 130 NHIOP Student Ambassadors.

Dr. Steven DiSalvo, college president, expressed his gratitude to the donors and the Saint Anselm College community.

"This was an amazing show of support by the entire community, especially our anonymous matching donor, whose generosity has made this Day of Giving exceptional and had a significant impact on our students and our mission. I'm very proud to be an Anselmian today," he said.

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