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Students and Alumnae Recognized for Service and Leadership

April 21, 2016

Laura Lemire
Communications and Marketing
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2016 Coleman Award RecipientsColeman Award winners, from left, seniors Hannah O'Halloran, Sophia Fabrizio, Colin Kiley, and Rachel Follett

In an extraordinary testament to the generosity of spirit demonstrated by Saint Anselm College students, two alumnae and 20 students were recognized on Wednesday, April 20 at the college's 23rd annual Paul S. Coleman Volunteer Service and Leadership Awards for their unwavering dedication to volunteer efforts. 

Every year the college recognizes the ongoing service and leadership efforts of Saint Anselm students, impacting not only the college and local Manchester community, but also the nation. On any given week, more than 300 students volunteer through the Meelia Center for Community Engagement. During winter break and spring break, hundreds of students travel across the country and sometimes internationally, to serve others on Service and Solidarity Mission Trips. The Paul S. Coleman Awards, created in memory of a former Saint Anselm College sociology professor, seek to honor that exemplary work. 

The event highlights included two awards given to seniors: in recognition of their impressive contributions, Rachel Follett and Colin Kiley were awarded the Paul S. Coleman Senior Service Award for Outstanding Service Leadership; and Sophia Fabrizio and Hannah O'Halloran were awarded the Paul S. Coleman Senior Service Award for Outstanding Community Service.

Paul S. Coleman Senior Service Award for Outstanding Service Leadership
Rachel Follett, nursing
"The traits listed of Paul S. Coleman include being best described as ‘a role model both professionally and personally'. This truly describes Rachel in every sense of the words," said Jean Couture, director of Student Activities and Leadership Programs.

Aside from her extensive volunteer work through the Meelia Center for Community Engagement, Follett has been an active student leader on the Family Weekend Committee, the Campus Activities Board (CAB), the Student Government Association (SGA), and in planning the Mock Trial Competition on campus (even though she wasn't on the team). She has shared her time and talents with many student organizations and committees, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to the Saint Anselm College mission.

"Rachel's service leadership can be defined by her active engagement and consistent efforts to the college community, which she performs quietly and efficiently, without any expectation of fanfare, praise or personal gain," said Couture. "She is a student leader committed to making this campus a better place for her fellow students to live and learn together."

Colin Kiley, sociology and social work
"A leader among leaders" is how Director of Campus Ministry Susan Gabert described Kiley. Diving right into service as freshman, Kiley moved into service leadership roles his sophomore year and has proven himself a dedicated and reliable student-leader. He has served through the Meelia Center for Community Engagement, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics (NHIOP) during the debates, with the Dean of Students Office through the Food Clothing and Furniture Drive (FCF), and through the Office of Campus Ministry both liturgically and a Service and Solidarity Leader for the past three years.

"In his service leadership roles, Colin both encourages his peers to engage in service, and is a role model and mentor to his fellow leaders," said Gabert. "Colin is approachable and does not put on airs, which makes his leadership particularly effective."

Paul S. Coleman Senior Service Award for Outstanding Community Service
Sophia Fabrizio, sociology and social work
"Sophia has a gift for serving overlooked needs, and her enthusiasm for that important work is infectious," said Dan Forbes, director of the Meelia Center for Community Engagement.

Fabrizio's work in the Meelia Center has led her to engage in refugee family outreach, work with homeless teens, and to run and support the foster parent night out program with enthusiasm and energy. Her service journey also includes participation in Campus Ministry Service and Solidarity Missions Trips and involvement in the end-of-year Food, Furniture, and Clothing Drive (FCF), which benefits more than 100 families in the local community.

Forbes also spoke of Fabrizio as an example of thoughtfulness to be followed: "That is the message we can draw today from Sophie. Seek out opportunities to serve because kindness matters."

Hannah O'Halloran, sociology and social work
O'Halloran was described by Forbes as "having a passion to serve where others may fear to go." From the moment she stepped onto campus, Hannah demonstrated that passion, beginning with her work at the Langdon Mills in Manchester and continuing during her time on campus working with refugee, immigrant, and underrepresented youth.

"Hannah's ability to connect with people, her willingness to take on challenging work and give it structure has left a lasting impact in the lives of young people struggling to find their way in America, and strengthened her college's ability to serve them," said Forbes.

Through her work in Campus Ministry, as well as on the FCF Drive and college committees, Gabert says O'Halloran helps Saint Anselm College become more welcoming. "Service will always be part of Hannah's life," she said. "It is rooted in her being...and she inspires us all."

Senior Award Nominees included Abdelaziz "Zizo" Alsharawy (economics), Ashley Blades (nursing), Amy Clancy (sociology), Charles Dooley (chemistry), Sophia Fabrizio (sociology and social work), Jennifer Farrar (education studies), Rachel Follett (nursing), Jessica Gipson (nursing), Gregory Insana (communication), Colin Kiley (sociology and social work), Hannah O'Halloran (sociology and social work), Amanda Tiedtke (nursing), and Terrence Walsh (communication). 

This year's event began with an opening prayer by Abbot Matthew Leavy, O.S.B., followed with a welcome by Vice President of Student Affairs Joseph Horton. Alumnus Kevin Powers '08, a former business major now principal of St. Margaret of Scotland School in Chicago, Ill., gave the keynote address. Powers challenged students to find quiet time to listen, reflect and pray, and to make sure their internal compass was sending them in the right direction.

Department service awards were then given out to students for exemplary involvement and community service. This year, the Dean of Students honored Furniture, Clothing and Food Drive (FCF) founder alumna Stefanie Iannalfo '10, and 2015 FCF leader Haley Mount '15. Since the FCF's inception over 10 years ago, it has grown from an end-of-year food collection to an event the Manchester community looks forward to-one where couches, clothes, toys, lamps, refrigerators and more are distributed to more than 100 families in Manchester, Nashua, and Concord. 

Department Service Awards

Abdelaziz "Zizo" Alsharawy '16 (economics) - Father Michael H. Custer, O.S.B. Service Award presented to an outstanding student in recognition of exemplary involvement and service to the Office of Admission and Saint Anselm College community. Zizo embodies the values inherent in the Benedictine tradition, including deep compassion, warm hospitality and genuine respect for each individual. "Whether putting on programs as an RA, offering Arabic lessons with the Multicultural Center, or leading service trips with Campus Ministry, he has taken every opportunity to teach as much as to learn while in college," said admission counselor Dan Lagasse '14. "His sense of humor, engaging personality, his diverse backgrounds, and his ability to know all things ‘Saint A's' has helped our office tremendously over the past three years."

Marialena Bazzano '16 (nursing) - Father Michael H. Custer, O.S.B. Service Award presented to an outstanding student in recognition of exemplary involvement and service to the Office of Admission and Saint Anselm College community. "Since she began as an ambassador in her sophomore year, Marialena has brought a positive burst of energy and makes all our guests feel welcome and at home," said Lagasse. From hosting admission events to helping revamp the nursing guide, Bazzano's loyalty is obvious. "With her infection smile and warm heart, she is a model Anselmian," he said.

Carroll Bailey '17 (nursing) - The Donna M. Guimont Service Leadership and Engagement Award presented to an outstanding student athelete in recognition of exemplary community service and involvement. "This year's recipient has demonstrated, over a significant period of time, dedication to the promotion of athletics in our community, combined with a strong sense of personal and family priorities," said Rob Eggerling of the Athletics Department. Bailey is an active member of the campus community, participating in service trips through Campus Ministry and volunteer opportunities at various sites in Manchester, as well as being former captain of the football team. 

Kayla Patten '17 (education studies) - Sr. Pauline Lucier Campus Ministry Award presented to an outstanding member of Campus Ministry in recognition of exemplary community service and involvement. In presenting the award to Kayla, Campus Minister Joycean Raho said, "While we have so many students involved, and so many outstanding leaders through campus ministry, this one student is exemplary not only for her involvement, but with the dedication and enthusiasm she brings to her work."

Jessica Gipson '16 (nursing) - Saint Anselm College Award for the Care of the Sick and Advancement of the Health of Our Community. Presented by the Office of Health Services, this award recognizes a student who has contributed to the care of the ill or injured, to the health education, or to the promotion of a healthy environment for other members of the community. "We could describe her as compassionate, a good listener, a patient advocate, a team player, and an excellent role model and mentor," said Director of Health Services Maura Marshall. 

Bridget Sica '16 (English) - The Meelia Center for Community Engagement's Partnership Award presented in recognition of exemplary community service and involvement. Sica is recognized for her leadership with the Meelia Center's Access Academy as well as her dedication to the program. Over the past few months she created a much-needed new curriculum on creative writing and communication which will leave a lasting legacy. "She is leaving behind what is now one of the most popular programs in the Access Academy," said Nicole Lora, assistant director of the Meelia Center.

India Barrows '16 (Spanish and communication) - Multicultural Center Service Leadership Award presented to an outstanding student whose leadership efforts have fostered a greater appreciation and advancement of diversity and inclusiveness in the Saint Anselm community. An active member of the campus community, Barrows is involved in various organizations including the Abbey Players, Multicultural Student Coalition, Transitions Program, and MLK Planning Committee as well as balancing various internship opportunities and co-founding the center's Unity Retreat. "Not only has she left her mark at Saint Anselm College as a whole, but India has also made a tremendous impact on the Multicultural Center," said Rebecca Senna of the Multicultural Center. "Her ability to engage students as well as advocate for them will serve her well."

Karen Ejiofor '16 (politics) - Annual Volunteer Award presented to an outstanding NHIOP student leader in recognition of exemplary involvement and community service. "Ejiofor has consistently gone above and beyond in the work she does for the Institute. She extends this passion and commitment to the entire Saint Anselm campus as well," said NHIOP Executive Director Neil Levesque. Chosen by her class as president, Ejiofor is also an NHIOP student ambassador and was often the student voice during the college's recent primary season, which found her in spotlight introducing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and welcoming attendees to the nationally televised ABC News Presidential Primary Democratic debate. 

Liliana Kane '16 (history) - New Student Orientation Volunteer Award in recognition of exemplary community service and leadership involvement. Kane's work during New Student Orientation was exceptional, from organizing the committee to mentoring new OLs to building a strong team environment, to providing first year students with a positive initial experience on campus. "Lili brought her smile, her sense of humor, enthusiasm, organizational skills, attention to detail, her passion, and strong ability to be a ‘task-master' to her roles for the Orientation Program, and most importantly her ability and dedication to mentor and guide the Orientation Leaders," said Jean Couture, director of Student Activities and Leadership Programs.

Rachel Follett '16 (nursing) - Club and Organization Volunteer Award for outstanding service. Follett was recognized for her work restructuring the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and leading the executive board, as well as her efforts to increase the quantity and quality of programming offered to the student body.

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