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Students Recognized for Service and Leadership

April 20, 2015

Laura Lemire
Communications and Marketing
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2015 Coleman Award recipientsSaint Anselm College recognized two student leaders, seniors Robert Celona and Riley Duggan for their unwavering dedication to service leadership and community service at the 22nd annual Paul S. Coleman Awards, which were held Thursday, April 16 at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. In addition, nine students and one student club were recognized for their exemplary involvement and community service by various college departments.

Paul S. Coleman, a former Saint Anselm College sociology professor, spent his life in selfless service to others. In his memory, Saint Anselm presents an award each year for service and service leadership to students who demonstrate a commitment to others during their four years on campus.

In recognition of their impressive contributions, Duggan was awarded the Paul S. Coleman Senior Service Award for Outstanding Service Leadership and Celona was awarded the Paul S. Coleman Senior Service Award for Outstanding Community Service.

Robert Celona '15, nursing
"Bobby is living proof of the power of friendship," says Dan Forbes in describing Robert (Bobby) Celona. "For those who know Bobby, you probably agree that he is almost always smiling. If you didn't know him you would see him bursting with energy and wearing a sheepish grin and wonder, "What is this guy up to?" Then when you came to know him you would understand that he is up to good, and spreading love and friendship."

Aside from his volunteer work with the Moore Center - which Bobby has been involved with since his freshman year - he has participated in Service & Solidarity Mission trips, volunteered as a mentor to incoming freshmen in the "Passages" program, served as a liturgical minister with Campus Ministry and is an active member of the college's Knights of Columbus chapter. Bobby was also instrumental in launching a Best Buddies program for Saint Anselm College students to be paired with specially abled young adults in one-on-one partnerships. This year, the group was honored as the New Hampshire Best Buddies "chapter of the year."

Riley Duggan '15, peace and justice studies
"Riley embodies her faith, she has integrated it into all of her engagements, and this has formed her character and directs her vision," says Sue Gabert as she introduced Riley Duggan. "She takes the challenging message of the Gospel and she lives it through her daily interactions with others, and in her commitment to serving those most in need. [She] is a mentor and leader of her peers, and both her actions and words move and enable others to live out their faith, engage in service, and contemplate poignant questions about virtue..."

From her first days on campus, Riley was connected with the Meelia Center for Community Engagement and Office of Campus Ministry. A participant in four Service & Solidarity trips - two as co-leader - Duggan has also walked and led the Road for Hope. She engages in opportunities to nourish her faith life and strengthen her resolve through numerous liturgy, retreat and prayer opportunities. In the Meelia Center, Riley served as the Service Events Coordinator until she was tasked with the role of Staff Support Manager. "If you need something, you just go to Riley and it gets done," says Nicole Mattia, Assistant Director of Service Education in the Meelia Center.

Senior Award nominees included Sean Casey (business), Robert Celona (nursing), Riley Duggan (peace & justice studies), James Leonard (business), Jenna Levesque (natural sciences), Shane Matthews (accounting), Haley Mount (communication), Amy Sennott (sociology), Kerry White (business) and Molly White (theology).

Department Service Awards

Admission Madison Hinrichs (mathematics)
Athletics Christine Berge - women's skiing (psychology)
Campus Ministry Sean Casey (business)
Meelia Center Sophia [Sophie] Fabrizio - DCYF partnership (sociology)
Multicultural Center Basirat Sanni (sociology)
New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library Meagan Cox (communication)
New Student Orientation Liam Gilliland (criminal justice)
Family Weekend Madison Hinrichs (mathematics)
Club of the Year Campus Activities Board
Service Societies Jon Wells - King Edward Society (business)

Madison Hinrichs '15 - Father Michael H. Custer, O.S.B. Service Award presented to an outstanding student in recognition for exemplary involvement and service to the Office of Admission and Saint Anselm College community. Fr. Michael embodied the values inherent in the Benedictine tradition; those values characterized by deep compassion, warm hospitality and genuine respect for each individual. "After just one conversation with her, I am convinced that many students decided on the spot to apply or enroll at Saint Anselm because of her genuine nature, bubbly personality, and ability to connect with every individual she interacts with," said Ashley Gisiger, Assistant Director of Admission about Madison.

Christina Berge '15 - The Donna M. Guimont Service Leadership and Engagement Award presented to an outstanding a member of Athletics in recognition for exemplary community service and involvement. Ski coach Kevin Ward says her teammates describe Christina as "ambitious, compassionate, and a person with integrity."

Sean Casey '15 - Sr. Pauline Lucier Campus Ministry Award presented to an outstanding member of Campus Ministry in recognition for exemplary community service and involvement. In presenting the award to Sean, Abbot Matthew Leavy, O.S.B. noted: "he is receiving this award as much for who he is, as for what he has done for the college. Whether as ambassador, advocate, or salesperson, this senior has been consistently engaged, over and beyond what may be considered as 'normal student involvement.'"

Sophie Fabrizio '15 - The Meelia Center for Community Engagement's Partnership Award presented in recognition for exemplary community service and involvement. Fabrizio is recognized for her student-leadership in developing and strengthening the center's partnership with the New Hampshire Division of Youth and Families. "We knew that with a combination of her passion and skills...this partnership would grow significantly," says Nicole Mattia as she recognized Sophie. "Now we have a full-blown partnership. Her passion, vision and dedication are infectious - she has rolled up her sleeves and made this partnership her own."

Basirat Sanni '15 - Multicultural Center Service Leadership Award presented to an outstanding student whose leadership efforts have fostered a greater appreciation and advancement of diversity and inclusiveness in the Saint Anselm community. "I have learned that she has a boisterous and infectious laugh, an unlimited supply of energy and an undeniable love for people," says Yemi Mahoney, Director of the Multicultural Center as she introduced Basirat. "Her contributions to the Center have been invaluable and she has been a positive force in the lives of those she has touched."

Meagan Cox '15 - Annual Volunteer Award presented to an outstanding New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library (NHIOP) student leader in recognition for exemplary involvement and community service. "Meagan has worked tirelessly to promote community service among fellow ambassadors and the Saint Anselm campus as a whole," says Katelyn Ellison of the NHIOP. "She has done this with grace, humility, and professionalism. She has been a true asset to the ambassador program and will be missed tremendously next year."

Liam Gilliland '15 - New Student Orientation Volunteer Award in recognition of their exemplary community service and leadership involvement. Jean Couture, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Programs introduced Liam: "His commitment to the Orientation Program was demonstrated through his willingness to share his perspective, his creativity, his compassion for others and leadership talents. Among a group of student leaders, he stood out. He continually took initiative, shared ideas, mentored OLs, mentored new students and provided the overall leadership needed to make the New Student Orientation Program succeed."

Madison Hinrichs '15 - Annual Volunteer Award presented to an outstanding member of the Family Weekend Committee for involvement and leadership. Harrington went above and beyond to assist with Family Weekend planning from making phone calls to recruiting students to picking up food. The only four-year member of this year's committee, she will be dearly missed. "Maddie could be found moving chairs and tables in preparation for our sold-out barbeque, driving the bus to get guests around campus, bringing meals to volunteers, filing in at registration tables, and consistently checking with staff to be certain things went off without a hitch," says Jean Couture.

Campus Activities Board - The Club of the Year Award was presented to CAB for their service to the Saint Anselm College community. Over the past year, CAB has planned and implemented more than 60 events, serving nearly 10,000 attendees. "The individuals in this organization selflessly dedicate an abundance of their time and energy to the very time consuming process of planning and implementing a large and varied menu of campus programs," says Brian Dye of Student Activities & Leadership Programs. "These programs build community by providing opportunities for students to come together and participate with one another, creating an animated social life on our campus."
Brooke Judd '15, John Courtney '17 and Rachel Follett '16 accepted this award on behalf of their organization.

Jon Wells '15 (King Edward Society) - Annual Volunteer Award presented to members of the Saint Anselm Service Societies in recognition for their exemplary community service, service leadership, and involvement. Associate Dean of Students Andrew Litz noted that Jon "represented well the combined volunteer efforts of his brothers with distinction."

Jon and the King Edward Society were instrumental in leading the effort during Family Weekend to organize the massive unloading of a trailer load of pumpkins; Jon provided shuttle bus service throughout the weekend, and helped to rally volunteers out of the racecourse for the Fun Run. They assisted behind the scenes with the college-hosted Mock Trial tournament and are always on hand for Office of Admission Open House events and Reunion Weekend organized by the Alumni Office.

For the past two and a half years, Jon has been the driving force behind the ever-popular Pet-A-Pooch stress-relief program during final exams.

Story and photo by Cory True, '09

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