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College Launches Anselmian 360 Program for First-Year Students

December 15, 2016

Laura Lemire
Communications and Marketing
(603) 641-7242

Anselmian 360Saint Anselm College recently launched the pilot of Anselmian 360, an overnight experience for first-year students designed to further orient them to the college's intellectual, social, and spiritual resources. The program is designed to present the mission and identity of the Catholic, Benedictine college in an informal and energetic way.

An extension of the New Student Orientation program, Anselmian 360 is also structured alongside the core curriculum's Humanities Program, Conversatio.

"I am very enthusiastic about the prospect of each new student having the opportunity to craft an individual experience at Saint Anselm, allowing for a more complete exploration of one's academic, spiritual and social development," says Dr. Joseph Horton, vice president of Student Affairs.

Anselmian 360 offered first-year students several off-campus trips this fall, during which they reflected and planned their college experiences. Purposely created to support students as they make foundational decisions in their first semester, the program reveals resources for growth. One goal is for this information to assist in making intentional decisions about campus engagement, using the tools provided to become involved quickly.

"The first-year students learned a lot about what is offered at Saint Anselm," says sophomore leader Cassidy Diaz '19, a nursing student and Service & Solidarity Missions trips leader who participated in the planning and execution of this year's pilot. "Most importantly though, I hope they gained a better understanding of themselves and how they fit into the Saint Anselm community, while also discovering how to achieve the things they hope to do before they graduate."

Through different activities and mentoring sessions with upperclassmen leaders, students were prompted to place themselves in the larger picture of the college and the world around them, as well as to evaluate how the mission and identity of Saint Anselm College aligns with personal value systems.

Business major, Jacob Ethier '20, a first-year student who participated in this year's pilot, describes the experience: "Although it was only a weekend, the conversations we had were so substantial that I clearly understood why I was there. Now I have a better understanding of the college and my place within it."

Following the overnight trips, Anselmian 360 sponsored a series of "Pathways" evening events, where students could learn more about other unique opportunities at Saint Anselm. Topics included service, leadership, academic and professional development, and diversity and inclusiveness.

Anselmian 360 will be offered again to first-year students in fall 2017.

Story by Maggie Lynch '16

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