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Debates at Saint Anselm: America's Classroom

2011 Republican Presidential Debate at Saint Anselm CollegeIn the Granite State, it's all politics, all the time. Home of the first-in-the-nation presidential primary, New Hampshire citizens and Saint Anselm students are presented with extraordinary opportunities to interact with the men and women who seek our nation's highest office.

In the great spirit of Benedictine hospitality, Saint Anselm College provides a key venue and "must stop" site for candidates and campaign staffs, as well as for the local, regional and national media who cover them. From question and answer sessions in the classroom, to grassroots engagement in the institute's Common Ground Café, to the arrival of satellite trucks with their media celebrities as the nation eagerly awaits news from New Hampshire, Saint Anselm College embraces its commitment to welcoming and engaging the candidates, pundits, scholars, journalists, and leaders constituting the rich tapestry of American politics.

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