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Being a part of the Meelia Center for Community Engagement is unique to each volunteer.  Whether you're participating in a service-learning class, part of our events team, or looking for a one day experience, the Mellia Center is here to connect you with community organizations and partners.

Wondering what other students have to say about their service experience? Below are some frequently asked questions students ask -- answered by other students.

Bobby Celona

Class of 2015 (Nursing)
Coordinator of the Moore Center services

I was a service learner for my Introduction to Nursing Class and the site I chose to volunteer at was the Moore Center. I had such an amazing experience that I wanted to continue being involved. Dan told me that the coordinator position was available for that site and I jumped at the opportunity to become a member on the Meelia Center community. I thought it was a great way to learn more leadership skills and to meet new people on campus. I have been involved with the Teens and Adults Team within the Meelia structure. We did a walk against domestic violence in Manchester together. I also will be participating in the Safe at Home whiffle ball tournament which will reunite a Liberian mom and her daughters after 12 years of separation because of war. Read more »

Caitryn Gustafson

Class of 2014 (Sociology)
Goodwill Goodguides and YDC coordinator

As sociology major I could not ask for a better opportunity to come into contact with people of all different backgrounds. I feel that my work and service through the Meelia Center has led me closer to figuring out what path to take in regards to my future social work career. I now have a better understanding of my particular passion in the community.  There is no better way to see the need in the community than to experience it first-hand.  You meet so many incredible people who share your same interests and passions. It is such a great way to branch out. Read more »

Hannah Furlong

Class of 2015 (Nursing)
Health affiliates coordinator

Working at the Meelia center forces me to be organized, flexible, and dedicated. My involvement in the Meelia Center has also exposed me to more diverse populations in need of our help, and Dan's support has made me realize that a strong and motivated community can accomplish anything. I hope to always utilize these skills & life lessons in my future career as a nurse. Read more »

Jillian Sands

Class of 2013 (Natural Science)
Webster House and Boys and Girls Club Coordinator

I can say with all my heart that the best moments I have had in college have been from volunteering. There is no better way to cheer myself up than going to Boys and Girls Club and being hugged by ten different children at once. St. A's can be stressful, and everyone is heaped with work. Volunteering gives you a chance to get off campus and not think about yourself or anything in your life for a couple of hours. It entails focusing entirely on the people you are serving. Getting involved can help find your passion in life and meet friends at the same time. The Meelia Center makes it so easy to find any site with any population you can think of; why wouldn't you get involved!? Read more »

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