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About the Meelia Center

The Meelia Center for Community Engagement opened its doors in 1989 with the goal of mobilizing the talent and energy of Saint Anselm students to respond to the service needs of greater Manchester.

Meelia Center Highlights

    • More than 150 student volunteers and nearly 200 service learners engage in community service each week, serving between two to four hours per week.
    • The Meelia Center manages service learning for the college. Service learning is an educational strategy in which students apply important course concepts through significant service to the community. Each semester nearly 10 percent of the student body chooses to participate in service learning.
    • The center hosts four to six major service events on campus each year. More than 800 students participate in these one day service events each year.
    • The center utilizes a student leadership team of more than 40 students to coordinate its community partnerships, organize service events, and manage the office. For example, the staff support managers, administrative assistants, and the service events managers are all students.
    • The Meelia Center maintains more than 50 community partnerships with agencies ranging from a nursing home and public schools to adult and juvenile correctional facilities. In addition, volunteers and service learners are sent to help out at any of 30 additional nonprofits each year.
    • The work of the center has been significantly enhanced through a generous gift from Richard Meelia in 2000. His faith, compassion, and kindness guides the center as it helps the college build the skills, knowledge, and passion to make the world a better place to live and grow.

"Working with the Meelia Center is amazing and I could not be happier that I ended up here. My preschool sites are the perfect fit for me and they're exactly what I need after a long week of studying." ~ Jenny Farrar, Class of 2016

If you are interested in volunteering or are a service learner, please complete the Online Volunteer and Service Learning Application to select a community site that can use your help!

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