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Food, clothing and furniture driveService is part of the Anselmian experience, as is giving back to the community
Manage your peers and plan special eventsWork alongside your peers and planning special events
Valentine's DanceThe Meelia Center sponsors a holiday fair and valentine's day dance for the community
Volunteer in the communityStudents volunteer and mentor in the Manchester community

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Meelia Center for Community Engagement

There's a reason Saint Anselm College is ranked 6th in the nation for community service by the Princeton Review.

The Meelia Center for Community Engagement at Saint Anselm College mobilizes students, faculty and staff to collaborate with more than 50 community agencies throughout Greater Manchester. Annually more than 900 members of the campus community provide over 18,000 service hours.

The Mission of the Meelia Center is to connect the college and the community, and sustain them as partners in addressing real-world challenges. The center promotes shared leadership and mutually beneficial engagement in its work in New Hampshire communities and beyond where transformative experiential learning, engaged scholarship and public service take place.

What began as the Center for Volunteers with four sites in 1989 has completely transformed into the Meelia Center for Community Engagement with more than 50 student leaders managing over 50 community partnerships.

Want to get involved and make a difference? Here's how:

To learn more about our students' community involvement, check out our Meelia Center Blog!

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Meelia Center
Dan Forbes, Director
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive #1627
(603) 641-7108

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