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Daniel J. Daly

Ph.D., 2008, Boston College, Theological Ethics
M.A., 2006, Boston College, Theology
B.A., 2000, Saint Anselm College, Theology


  • TH270: Christian Moral Life
  • TH272: Medical Ethics
  • TH273: Christian Social Ethics
  • TH399: Theories of Peace and Justice

Research Interests

My research falls into three categories. First, my current project develops a language for ethically scrutinizing global social structures. I am interested in understanding the ways in which social structures have a discernable moral character. My research also investigates the ways in which social structures facilitate or impede a person's acquisition of the virtues.

Second, I'm interested in questions in fundamental Catholic theological ethics. I have many interests in this area, specifically: happiness and the virtues, the natural law, moral norms, the ethics of Thomas Aquinas, and the common good.

Third, I teach and research medical ethics. In particular, I study the ethics of death and dying. I continue to reflect on how the Catholic tradition on end of life ethics has developed, how guides clinical decision making, and how it should further develop in an age of extraordinary medical resources and deep inequalities in access. I also serve on the ethics boards at both Catholic Medical Center and the Elliot Hospital in Manchester. As a clinical medical ethicist I assist in the adjudication of problematic cases that arise in these hospitals.

Recent Publications

"Confronting the 'Normative Abyss:' The Challenges and Resources in Catholic Ethics for the Global Age," forthcoming in Religion and the State, edited by Sargon Donabed.

"The Ethics of Exit: What Happens When a Catholic School Teacher Violates Church Teaching" America, June 9-16, 2014, pp. 21-26.

"Obama and the Common Good" in The American Election 2012: Contexts and Consequences, edited by R. Ward Holder and Peter Josephson. New York: Palgrave, 2014: 279-90.

"Unreasonable Means: Proposing a New Category for Catholic End of Life Ethics," Christian Bioethics 19 (2013): 40-59.

"From Nature to Second Nature: The Relationship of the Natural Law and Acquired Virtues in the Summa theologiae," Angelicum 88 (2011): 693-715.

"Structures of Virtue and Vice," New Blackfriars 92 (2011): 341-57.

"The Relationship of Virtues and Norms in the Summa theologiae," Heythrop Journal 51 (2010): 214-229.

"Prudence and the Debate on Death and Dying," Health Progress 88 (2007): 49-54.

Contact Information

Prof. Daniel Daly
Daniel J. Daly

Associate Professor/Chair
Department of Theology
Saint Anselm College
Box #1656
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102

(603) 641-7679

Bradley House

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