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Spotlight on Alumni

Benjamin Bradley '10

Capitol Hill Correspondent - Benjamin Bradley, class of 2010

Ben is fascinated to walk the halls of the Capitol Building, where decision makers walked during some of the most pressing times in history. His hours vary depending on the Senate's agenda and whether a committee of the Senate is addressing an issue in his portfolio. If the Senate works through the night and into the morning, so does he-even if it takes five cups of coffee. Read more »

Liz Fanning '04

From Politics Major to Fox Producer - Liz Fanning, class of 2004

Liz Fanning graduated from Saint Anselm in 2004 as a political science major and worked her way up to being a "big-time" producer at Fox News. As a senior, Liz was able to intern with Fox while they filmed the Presidential Primary Debate at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, though she could not have realized then the potential career options this opportunity would bring her. Read more »

Ahmed Saeed is a legal assistant at LawServe and is earning his MBA

International Relations and Immigration - Ahmed Saeed, class of 2013

An interest in global issues led Ahmed Saeed to major in international relations and acquire a job as a legal assistant at LawServe. Read more »

Michaela Scott

Working on the Financial Front - Michaela Scott, class of 2009

Scott has always enjoyed reading the newspaper and being civically engaged, which is why she entered Saint Anselm as a politics major. Today, Scott relates what she learned in her politics classes to the world of finance. "In the financial services industry I do not feel it is enough to simply know your clients and the products and services of your firm, but also what is happening in your client's town, the nation and internationally. Studying politics taught me how to access the correct information, digest and connect it to my client's situation. This has proven invaluable," she says. Read more »

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