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An Engineer and His Robot

Alumnus Alex Macomber is a senior services engineer at KivaSystemsIt may not look like the robots from the movies, but Alex Macomber '10 can attest that his orange robot gets the job done.

Alex is a senior services engineer at Kiva Systems, where he helps companies automate their fulfillment system at warehouses. That's where the robot comes in.

Alex leads the team that implements the software and builds the robots and shelving units to help companies fill orders more efficiently. He manages contractors and junior engineers and keeps projects on track and on deadline.

Through Saint Anselm's 3-2 engineering program, Alex has two bachelor's degrees which he earned in five years: a bachelor of arts in physics from Saint Anselm and a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

Now, Alex travels the country providing a one-stop-shop solution to distribution centers like internet-giant Amazon.

"Having two degrees, especially one in liberal arts and an engineering degree from Notre Dame, sets me apart in the eyes of employers. It's also given me a broad skill set that I use at my job every day."

And if that wasn't enough, having two degrees gives Alex a bigger professional network and career flexibility. He also got to play rugby at Saint Anselm, Notre Dame, and now, while traveling, all around the country.

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