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Spotlight on Alumni

Paolo Giacometti

Developing Devices for Doctors - Paolo Giacometti  

If Paolo Giacometti and his colleagues are successful, doctors will someday be able to read the health of your brain by placing a sophisticated sort of cap on your head. The applied physics graduate is a Ph.D. candidate studying biomedical engineering at Dartmouth College's Thayer School of Engineering. Read more »

Eric Holland

Physics of the Future - Eric Holland

Eric Holland makes and studies artificial atoms. Considering the field he is in (quantum computing and quantum optics), that's a pretty basic description. He is a doctoral candidate at Yale University, in a department that has produced four Nobel Prize winners. He hopes that his work will eventually lead to the development of a much faster computer than the ones we have today. Read more »

Alumnus Alex Macomber is a senior services engineer at KivaSystems

An Engineer and His Robot - Alex Macomber '10, 3-2 Engineering Physics

It may not look like the robots from the movies, but Alex Macomber '10 can attest that his orange robot gets the job done. Through the college's 3-2 Engineering Physics program, Alex earned two bachelor's degrees to become an electrical engineer. Read more »

Saint Anselm alumnus Jason McCormick is a civil engineering professor at the University of Michigan

Laying the Foundation for Tomorrow's Engineers - Jason McCormick '00

Earthquake engineering, extreme load mitigation, and structural response reduction through innovative systems are the subjects Jason McCormick teaches and researches as a civil engineering professor at the University of Michigan. He took the first steps towards his career right here at Saint Anselm College. Read more »

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