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Casey Breslin

Financial Services and Corporate Education - Casey Breslin, Class of 2011

Casey Breslin was drawn to a history major he says because he spent much of his childhood listening to the Sharpe series on long commutes with his dad and going to Civil War battlefields. Understanding and interpreting the past became a passion, and he was especially interested American legal history to prepare for law school someday.
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Political Strategist and Company Founder - Derek Dufresne, Class of 2008

Derek Dufresne worked through a lot of indecision before he finally landed on a major in History. He transferred to Saint Anselm after his freshman year because he says he longed for the small class sizes and personal interactions with professors.
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M.Ed. and Catholic School Teaching - Justin Eckilson, Class of 2014

Justin Eckilson came to Saint Anselm undeclared. Having positive experiences in high-school history classes, he decided to take a history elective his freshman year. He liked the classes and the professors so much that he became a history major at the beginning of his sophomore year and "has never looked back."
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Financial Information Services - Jessica Ewald, Class of 2012

From an early age, Jessica Ewald was always interested in history. Her father had been a history major in college, and they often talked about how the past could be used to interpret the present and potentially forecast the future. When she arrived at Saint Anselm College, there was no question in her mind that she would major in history.

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Historic Researcher and Genealogist - Katrina Fahy, Class of 2013

Katrina Fahy is able to work directly with historical primary sources as a researcher at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston. Each day she tackles research requests from individuals who want to know more about their family history. She usually searches through numerous genealogical records to piece together the history ancestor by ancestor, and says the sources available to her allow for more in-depth research than a simple query on will provide.
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Martha Lombard

Middle School Social Studies - Martha Lombard, Class of 2013

Choosing what she wanted for an occupation proved challenging for Martha Lombard as she entered into her first year at Saint Anselm. She signed up for a politics class, a history class, and biology for majors "just in case." The politics department fascinated her, but she continued to be enthralled by her history class. She found the professors knowledgeable and the classes challenging in a way she had not experienced before. Instead of running from the difficulty level, she decided to embrace it. Her passion for working with kids and her love of history led her to pursue a history degree with an education minor.
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Katherine Muzzy

Law School and Activism - Katherine Muzzy, Class of 2015

Katherine (Katie) Muzzy started at Saint Anselm College as a politics major, excited about the opportunities that the New Hampshire Institute of Politics could provide. However, on the first day of freshman orientation she switched her major to American Studies. She explains that the SAC Passages trip that allowed her to explore the history and culture of Gettysburg inspired her to change her major.
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Communication and Public Relations - Lauren Weybrew, Class of 2008

After spending family vacations wandering historic sites such as George Washington's Mount Vernon and Franklin D. Roosevelt's Hyde Park, Lauren Weybrew says she knew that she loved history and wanted to make it a part of her life. She says she enthusiastically chose to major in history, but had one reservation: "I knew I did not want to teach, so I spent time considering other careers."
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