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Because we know our students well, we keep track of them after graduation. We have good information on the jobs and careers of 76% of our majors from 2012-2015 (not everyone remembers to update us regularly). Of that number 100% are employed or in graduate school.

History majors pursue a wide variety of careers. We have graduates in journalism, communications and marketing, politics, finance, public relations, law enforcement, higher education, health care, law, and non-profits. Approximately 70% of our graduates enter these fields. Many studies show that employers appreciate the information management, writing, critical thinking, and analysis skills history majors bring to the job market. The History Department also maintains a page for History majors and alumni to help students choose experiences relevant to the jobs they want, discuss trends in industries, and make networking connections. History majors also benefit from the many opportunities available through the Office of Career Services.

Check out this great list of entry level jobs for history majors and history major job skills.

For more information on the diversity of jobs available to history majors, check out What Can You Do With An Undergraduate Degree in History? This provides more information on job fields where history majors can use their skills as educators, researchers, communicators, information managers, and advocates, or in business.

For those interested in education,  public history jobs (museums, archives, historic preservation), editing/publishing, government service, or consulting, you can check out Careers for Students of History, which includes types of jobs, education level required, and job market trends.

Approximately 30% of history majors teach at the middle or high school level. Please see Secondary Education for more information.

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