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Why Major in Communication at Saint Anselm?

Ten reasons to major in communication at Saint Anselm College:

1. To become more ethical consumers and creators of mediated messages

2. To think critically about the objects and practices of everyday life

3. To effectively and humanely engage in democratic discussion and debate

4. To understand the implications of technology, interpersonally and within culture

5. Professor Shepler is an excellent baker (and a great sharer)
To gain exclusive and ongoing access to the delicious results of Prof. Shepler's baking talents

6. To understand the centrality of communication to identify formation

7. Persuasion is influence
To learn compelling and ethical modes of persuasion

8. To be more mindful communicators within personal and professional relationships

9. We're fun
To join the most successful Quiddich team in the college's history

10. Communication skills are essential.
To develop versatile oral and written communication skills that are key for any profession

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