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Message From the Chair

Saint Anselm College English Department Chair Professor Gary BouchardWelcome!

If you have pointed and clicked enough times to reach this page, you are already traveling on a significant journey. My colleagues and I here in the Saint Anselm English Department would be honored to accompany you on your next steps.

Our Department is comprised of twelve dedicated full-time faculty from around the country as well as two foreign countries, who, together with several talented part-time instructors, share well over 200 years of combined teaching experience. We also share together the enormous joy of guiding students through the most important literary and rhetorical works that have ever been written and helping students to become astute interpreters of texts, proficient writers and exceptional communicators.

I trust that you have already been encouraged in your journey by some excellent teachers and I suspect that others in your life have asked what you will do with a degree in English or what exactly a Communication major is. You should know that our graduates are working in a wide variety of fields from education to law and politics, from publishing, public relations, and broadcasting to business, management and ministry. There is no limit to the ways in which one can "use" an English or Communication major because rigorous training in critical reading and writing prepares you for any career in which you have to clearly and persuasively express ideas and support those ideas with evidence.

You should also know that our students not only experience great outcomes, they very much enjoy their time and work with us here in the English Department. So I encourage you on your journey. Learn as much about us as you can about our faculty and alumni on this webpage. Check out as well our Department Facebook page or my blog, Back Porch Pages at and please feel free to e-mail me anytime with questions:

Most importantly, come visit us. Sit in on our classes and get to know us. We are privileged to teach amid the foothills of the White Mountains where Nathaniel Hawthorne loved to hike, near the banks of the Merrimack River where Henry David Thoreau journeyed, and just up the road from the farm where Robert Frost discovered his New Hampshire voice in its walls and brooks and birches. We would love to welcome you to our beautiful campus and get to know you better.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Professor Gary Bouchard
Chair, English Department

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