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Secondary Education Major

Secondary teacher candidates major in a content area and secondary education. Teacher candidates will be eligible for K-12, 5-12 or 7-12 certification depending upon their content major.

Certification in New Hampshire qualifies the teacher candidate to teach in a specific content area. Prospective secondary teachers may major in any of the following: Chemistry, Applied Physics, English, French, History, Latin, Mathematics, Natural Science or Spanish and major in secondary education.

Candidates must successfully pass Praxis Core Academic Skills Test (ETS) and Praxis II (subject test) or equivalent exams. Candidates will complete four clinical experiences in one of each of the following grade groupings: middle school and high school.

Students considering studying abroad must decide by the end of the fall sophomore year. It is critical for planning purposes.

Secondary teacher candidates take required core courses, content courses  and required education courses. Refer to the Online College Catalogue for more information, including course descriptions.

Required Education Courses:

  • ED130 - Principles of Teaching and Learning
  • ED322 - Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in Education
  • ED340 - Curriculum and Assessment in Teaching
  • ED351 - Special Topics: Clinical Capstone: NHTCAP
  • ED 440-445 - Methods of Teaching Secondary Content
  • ED432 - Supervised Student Teaching
  • PY203 - Adolescent Psychology
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