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Why Study Economics and Business at Saint Anselm?

Stock chartA strong financial background is crucial to success in the business world. Just as critical is the ability to think critically and creatively—because today's dynamic business climate presents unforeseen challenges.

Meeting those challenges will require you to have certain skills that allow you to think on your feet, communicate with a wide variety of people, and adapt to changes in the work environment.

After you select one of five majors from our department, you will immerse your self in the study of economics, and the inner workings of the business world. These skills are enhanced by a values-based, liberal arts background. In courses such as history, philosophy, and politics, you'll learn to question assumptions, consider multiple perspectives, and communicate your views.

By studying the great thinkers and leaders of the past, you'll see how influential people make important decisions based on their beliefs and morals as well as their knowledge. Employers in financial firms, health care settings, NGOs (non-government organizations), and countless other businesses tell us they value the broad skills our graduates bring to their enterprises.

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