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Majors and Courses

The Department of Economics and Business offers six majors:

The majors are designed to prepare students for work in the business world or for graduate study in economics or business.

In addition, combined majors, Computer Science with Business or Mathematics with Economics, are offered. For details, see the descriptions under the Computer Science or Mathematics departments.

All of the majors are encouraged to do internships and International Business majors are especially encouraged to study abroad.

Double majors within the department and across departments are allowed, except for International Business with Business. No more than 5 courses can double count toward both majors.

The department also offers minors in Accounting and Economics. Both require 5 courses.

Please note that some classes in Economics and Business require that students have access to a computer during class time. This requirement can be found in the individual course description, below.  In some cases, students will be expected to bring a laptop to these classes.

Refer to the Online College Catalogue for more information, including course descriptions.

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