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Internships, Careers, and Graduate School


The purpose of the internship program is to provide the student with the opportunity to experience a practical work environment related to his/her academic career interests. All economics and business internships are administered through the internship office.


There are a wide variety of career paths that can be taken by students graduating with a degree in economics and business. All students study a core curriculum within the major, providing a strong cornerstone upon which to build your studies within your selected major. Combining your coursework with networking opportunities through business partnerships and Saint Anselm alumni, you will be well prepared to seek out jobs spanning the business world. See what some of our alumni are doing now.

Graduate School

In recent years, Saint Anselm graduates have been accepted at some of the best graduate schools in the United States and have been awarded scholarships, teaching assistantships, and research positions. The Office of Academic Advisement is available to assist your pursuit of graduate studies.

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