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Alumna Lauren Chooljian interviewed Hilary Clinton as a student, now she works for Chicago Public RadioLauren Chooljian '10: Reporter. Anselmian.
English professor with communication major before graduationAs an English or communication major, you’ll graduate with essential reading, writing and critical thinking skills.
Bradley House at Saint Anselm College houses faculty offices including the English and Communication facultyHome of the English and communication faculty offices, Bradley House is where it all happens.
Abbey Players present spring musical "Bye Bye Birdie"Take the stage (or help behind the scenes) with the college theatre group, the Abbey Players.

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How do we study Communication at Saint Anselm College?

We study various forms and facets of communication from a liberal arts perspective, including interpersonal, mediated, spoken and written communication.  As scholars and teachers of communication, we're interested in how communication works between individuals, groups, families and organizations. We're interested in the rhetoric of media images and sounds. We're interested in the politics of representation. We're interested in the way that language and its use helps us form identity and community.

What skills do Communication majors develop?

  • The ability to create compelling messages
  • The ability to critically engage media messages and technologies
  • The ability to participate ethically in both interpersonal dialogue and civic debate  

What fields do Communication majors go into after they graduate?

A communication major offers broad and versatile skills that many employers find invaluable. Many of our majors pursue careers in diverse fields such as: Journalism, broadcasting, sports marketing and production, film production, advertising, public relations, event planning, speech writing, editing, arts marketing, government and politics.

Contact Information

Gary Bouchard, Ph.D., Chair
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive #1647
Manchester, NH 03102
(603) 641-7092

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Saint Anselm College English professor Gary Bouchard with students
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