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In collaboration with a faculty member, many of our majors undertake a research project in an area of their own interest. Research projects completed in recent years include:

  • Analysis of archaeological artifacts from ancient Roman and Etruscan sites
  • Analysis of the factors that influence the infrared spectra of pollen grains
  • Organic reactions by microwave irradiation

There are opportunities for compensated student research. Saint Anselm College is currently receiving funding from the NH-INBRE grant, focusing on biomedical applications of research, through which summer research fellowships are available.

Additionally, the Father Michael Custer Summer Research Grant is awarded for a summer research position in collaboration with Chemistry faculty.

Many students have also obtained summer industry positions. Others have participated in academic summer research programs at major research institutions.

Please see specifics about recent student research projects, or contact a member of the Chemistry faculty for additional information.

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