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The Goulet Science Center

The Chemistry Department is housed in the Goulet Science Center. The center is named in honor of Leon and Elizabeth Goulet of Manchester, N.H. Mr. Goulet is a 1947 graduate of Saint Anselm College. The facility, which underwent a complete renovation in 1996, is the center for the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology. In addition to modern laboratories and classrooms, among the Goulet Center's many distinctive features is the Weiler Computer Center with state-of-the-art information technology for research and classroom instruction. Another is Perini Lecture Hall featuring advanced multimedia technology. A science reading room with a library is also an integral part of the center.

Specialized Facilities

The Chemistry Department houses a number of specialized facilities for use by both students and faculty. In addition to a variety of teaching laboratories, each faculty member maintains a research program and has equipment suited to their particular research interests. All specialized scientific equipment is used by both faculty and students, and meets the requirements of the American Chemical Society for an approved program. Much of this equipment is also used in our upper division laboratory courses, giving students thorough, hands-on experience with modern instrumentation.

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