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Spotlight on Alumni

Rodney Camire

Pediatrics Professor - Rodney Camire Ph.D.
B.A. Saint Anselm College 1994
Ph.D. University of Vermont 1998

An associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Rodney launched his career from the laboratories at Saint Anselm where he participated in an independent study project with a faculty member. Read more »

Tina Cormier '01

Measuring the World's Forests - Tina Cormier M.S.
B.A. Saint Anselm College 2001
M.S. University of New Hampshire

Tina Cormier wanted a challenging career with the potential to solve global problems. Working at Woods Hole Research Center (one of the world's most famous environmental science research institutes) fills the bill perfectly. Read more »

Peter Halbrooks

A Competitive Edge - Peter Halbrooks Ph.D.
B.A. Saint Anselm College 2000
Ph.D. University of Vermont 2004

Rising through the ranks at Genzyme Corporation, Peter says the critical thinking and writing training he received at Saint Anselm is just as valuable as the science education itself.  The ability to author effective reports and presentations has given him a huge competitive edge. Read more »

Kayla Mahoney

A Career in Medicine - Kayla Mahoney M.A.
B.A. Saint Anselm College 2010
M.A. Boston University 2012, Medical Sciences
Currently pursuing an M.D. at UMass Medical School

Participating in research my senior year with Dr. Tobin and Dr. Vallari gave me lab experience that was extremely helpful when applying for research positions to complete my thesis work. Read more »

Jennifer Odell

Penguin Pro - Jennifer Odell
B.A. Saint Anselm College 1996

As associate curator of mammals and birds at the Georgia Aquarium, Jennifer's job is to oversee all areas of the mammal and bird operations which include the beluga whales, African penguins, otters and harbor seals. Read More »

Sarah Raabis, class of 2008

Global Veterinarian - Sarah Raabis
B.A. Saint Anselm College 2008
D.V.M. Tufts University

"There are a lot of things you can do from a veterinary perspective," she says. "It's very rewarding when the things you've studied actually help make people feel better." Read more »

Jessica Rocheleau

Teaching Tomorrow's Scientists - Jessica M. Rocheleau Ph.D.
B.A. Saint Anselm College 2003
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Medical School
Currently Assistant Professor of Biology at Western New England University

During my first year of graduate school, I was pleasantly surprised to be just as prepared or even more prepared than my classmates.  The foundation that I built while taking Biochemistry, Genetics, and Cell Biology courses at Saint Anselm allowed me to confidently tackle my graduate studies.

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