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Individualized and Interdisciplinary Research

Student conducting researchThe Biology Department at Saint Anselm College offers a number of research opportunities for undergraduates designed specifically to provide students with a hands-on experience conducting research in the biological sciences.  These opportunities are available to any biology student meeting the pre-requisite requirements and are strongly encouraged for students interested in post-graduate professional programs or graduate school.  Current research opportunities include the following:

Undergraduate Research Scholar Program (URSP) - an inter-institutional program designed to promote scholarly undergraduate research, support inter-institutional mentoring, and increase the number of successful admissions to graduate school for students attending a small, four-year liberal arts college.

Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) - a five year grant intended to strengthen biomedical research experiences for students at undergraduate colleges.

Directed Research in Biology (BI 421-422) - this course provides an individualized research experience in the biological sciences under the direction of a biology faculty member or as an interdisciplinary project under the direction of faculty from the Chemistry, Physics, or Psychology Departments.  This experience includes literature searching, hypothesis development and testing, graphical and statistical analysis, and oral and written presentation. It is open only to upper-class students who have applied for and been admitted into a position in a science faculty's research laboratory. Two sequential semesters must be taken to earn credit.

Interested students are required to fill out an application form and submit it to Dr. Barry Wicklow. 

Special Topics in Biology (BI 449) - this course consists of a detailed investigation of a topic not covered in other biology departmental offerings.  The topic, which may include research, is chosen by the student in consultation with a faculty mentor.

Students interested in a specific area of biological research can contact faculty conducting research in that area (see list below).

Faculty Research Description (click for more information)
Eric Berry Plant Biology and Conservation
Daniel Broek Cancer Cell Biology
Elizabeth Greguske Phage Hunting
Lori LaPlante Animal Behavior and Conservation
Dan Lavoie Biochemistry
Brian Penney Ecology of Marine Invertebrates
Donald Rhodes Physiology
Steve Tobin Biochemistry of Cancer
Robert Vallari Biochemistry of Cancer
Barry Wicklow Ecology and Conservation of Riparian Ecosystems
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