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Majors and Courses

Four Majors

The Department of Biology administers four majors:

In each of these majors, the curriculum is designed to: 1) explore the fundamental properties of life from the molecular to the community/ecosystem level, 2) critically evaluate life properties through rigorous application of the scientific method, and 3) incorporate this body of information into the framework of modern evolutionary theory. Laboratory and field work are important components of all four majors.

For the liberal-arts major with a general interest in the study of biology, Exploring the Natural World (BI 101)  and Topics in General Biology (BI 102) offer opportunities to learn about how biologists use the scientific method to investigate questions about the living world, the diversity of life, and the relationship of discoveries in the biological sciences to current problems facing a modern society.  In addition, "The Biosphere at Risk" (BI 205 ), an introductory environmental science course, explores environmental issues of global significance, providing a scientific basis for both understanding the causes of  and developing solutions for environmental problems.

Students interested in careers in life science secondary education should see details under the Natural Science major.

Refer to the Online College Catalogue for more information, including course descriptions.

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