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Internships, Jobs, and Graduate School


Students interested in participating in internships for credit as part of their course of study are encouraged to contact Prof. Daniel Lavoie.  For a sample list of past internships completed by students in the Biology Department, please visit our Internships page.

Graduate Studies in Biology

The following is a compilation of graduate programs in the biological sciences that are located in New England.  It is not necessarily a comprehensive list, and it is quite possible that some good programs have been overlooked during the creation of this site.  The list includes both Master's and Ph.D. programs, and programs are broken down into more specific areas of concentration where appropriate.  Programs in the general category "Biology" generally encompass some or all of the more specific areas included below.

Jobs in Biology

There are a wide variety of career paths that can be taken by students graduating with a degree in the biological sciences.  These range from obvious choices like medicine, dentistry, and physical therapy, to choices such as working for a governmental agency or a biotech company.  You don't have to wait until you graduate to begin exploring jobs in the biological sciences.  Paid internships and short-term seasonal positions are frequently available for the summer (particularly in environmental fields) if you know where to look.  This site is intended as a starting point for searching for jobs in the biological sciences.

Alumni Profiles

Sarah Raabis, class of 2008
Sarah Raabis, class of 2008

Sarah Raabis wants to improve human health around the world by taking care of animals. Her specialty in veterinary school is international medicine and animals in humanitarian assistance. Read more >>>

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