98% of Saint Anselm College's class of 2015 was employed, in graduate school, or engaged in service within 6 months of graduationPaxton Delano '14. Politics.

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Want to know where you can go with a Saint Anselm College education? Meet a few of our alumni. They decided Saint Anselm was the right fit for them — and once they got here, they explored their interests through classes, internships, service, clubs, and activities. Their stories will inspire you!


Allyn Doyle, class of 2013, is earning her master's in education at the University of Notre Dame.

Allyn Doyle '13 - Psychology

Just two weeks after receiving her Saint Anselm diploma, Allyn Doyle traveled to the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Ind., to begin the next chapter in her story: graduate school and teaching.

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Marianna Eddy

Marianna Eddy '01 - Psychology

As a cognitive neuroscientist, Marianna Eddy has researched dyslexia and reading development in children. Now she works at a U.S. Army research lab developing equipment that will improve safety for soldiers.

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Paolo Giacometti

Paolo Giacometti '09 - Applied Physics

Paolo Giacometti is working to develop technologies that help medical professionals diagnose, track, and treat diseases that affect millions of people. He is a Ph.D. candidate in biomedical engineering at Dartmouth College's Thayer School of Engineering.

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Alex Macomber '10

Alex Macomber '10 - Engineering Physics (3-2 program)

It may not look like the robots from the movies, but Alex Macomber '10 can attest that his orange robot gets the job done. Through the college's 3-2 Engineering Physics program, Alex earned two bachelor's degrees to become an electrical engineer. 

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Jennifer Odell

Jennifer Odell '96 - Biology

Jennifer Odell loves going to work at the second largest aquarium in the world, where she's on a first name basis with beluga whales, African penguins, and harbor seals. She is the associate curator of birds and mammals at the Georgia Aquarium.

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Jon O'Reilly of the class of 2013 is a web developer for an online book distribution company

Jonathon O'Reilly '13 - Math, Computer Science

Creating an e-reader application or a predictive personalized algorithm are all in a day's work for Web developer, Jonathon O'Reilly.

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Jen Pace of the class of 2013 is earning her doctorate at the University of Connecticut

Jen Pace '13 - Biochemistry

Jennifer Pace dives into her doctoral program at the University of Connecticut head-first this summer, hoping her research impacts suffering patients as well as science.

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Michael Graver

Michael Graver '06 - Economics and Business

Michael Graver got his first look at Wall Street during the fall of his senior year, on a class trip with his class "Money and Banking." He is now a vice president for institutional equity sales at J.P. Morgan Securities.

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Colleen Karpinsky

Colleen Karpinsky '01 - Economics and Business

Colleen Karpinsky was a standout on the college debate team and graduated with a degree in business and a certificate in international relations. Now, she's vice president of talent and legal at an internet technology company.

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Alumnus Christopher Tinsley of the class of 2013 has a job as a client associate at a private banking and investment group

Christopher Tinsley '13 - Economics and Business

By the completion of three internships in finance, Christopher Tinsley '13 knew that after graduation Hegenbart Financial Advising was the right place for him to begin his career.

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Lauren Chooljian

Lauren Chooljian '10 - History

Lauren Chooljian honed her note-taking skills in liberal arts classes, and learned about the news business as an intern at CBS. Her undergraduate experiences were the ideal preparation for a Chicago Public Radio reporter.

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Richard Manzi '13

Richard Manzi '13 - Education

Richard Manzi may have thought graduating from Saint Anselm meant leaving behind a supportive, tight-knit community; little did the rookie teacher realize that his first job at Nativity Preparatory School in New Bedford, Mass., would provide him with an environment just as helpful and welcoming.

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Class of 2013 graduate Jasna Numanovic works at Christie's Art Auction in New York City.

Jasna Numanovic '13 - Communication, Fine Arts

Jasna Numanovic has her dream job. As an account coordinator in the art transport department at Christie's Art Auction, she arranges the domestic and international transport of all kinds of art objects.

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Brendan O'Brien

Brendan O'Brien '95 - English

Brendan O'Brien is the Director of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management at the U.S. Department of State. He and his team are responsible for the safety of 60 million U.S. citizens who travel and those six million Americans who live overseas.

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Ahmed Saeed is a legal assistant at LawServe and is earning his MBA

Ahmed Saeed '13 - International Relations

An interest in global issues led Ahmed Saeed to major in international relations and acquire a job as a legal assistant at LawServe, which specializes in immigration matters.

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Michaela Scott

Michaela Scott '09 - Politics

Michaela Scott helps people make informed decisions about their financial strategy. She quickly became part of the management team at Boston Partners Financial Group, and is recognized for her dedication to her clients.

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Where Are They Now: Class of 2015

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